Sunday, November 2, 2014

 The Office Staff

Me and Elder Soto

Hey family and friends!

Glad to hear from you all and to know that things are going great back at home! Tough to hear about the volleyball tourney but I hope Carter gets better and will be able to play at 100% again. I have to write a quick thanks to Sister Schipper and all the primary kids. The other day I received all their letters and questions. They were pretty awesome and made me laugh pretty hard. I think the most common question was how is the weather down here haha.. you can tell them that it hasn't stopped raining for about a week! Please tell them thanks for it, it was greatly appreciated.

Gotta love stake conference as well eh. Sounds like it was a spiritual experience for everyone.. especially dad up front their singing in Magrath's very own MOTAB. Sure it sounded great! We truly do have such amazing leaders in the church, in all parts of the world. It has been such a blessing to learn from them throughout my life and on the mission.

Speaking of leaders our Stake President (Presidente Catron) here in Caseros is awesome. He actually lives in our ward so we see him lots and have become really close to him. This past weekend we had 2 dinners with him and his family! In the one it was assistants, the zone leaders in Caseros, and then us. He has such an awesome family and are so strong in gospel and their son is actually serving his mission in Chile right now! Just the other day he wrote home telling his dad about one of his friends that isn't a member that he wants us to go visit.. so we are going to pass by as soon as possible and see if we can talk to his friend!

This week was super quick. The truth is we been a FULL week in the offices that we didn't have a ton of time to work this week. We have transfers next week which always makes for a very busy time. I have learned a lot being here in the offices. It has helped me be a bit more organized haha. But more importantly has helped me learn how to have an equal balance in life. I think before the mission I was just all one thing.. whatever it could have been. But here  I have learned to work hard in the office during the day, and then when we leave to be 100% committed to the Lord's work. It isn't always easy and isn't something I haven't perfected but I feel like it's an important lesson the Lord wants me to learn. And something that we can all learn. To have a balance between work, school, family.. but always remember which is the most important.

After Teodora's baptism we have been trying really hard to expand our teaching pool. We do have some other good investigators but nobody who really wants to fully commit themselves to baptism and living in accordance with God's commandments. We are still working with the Family Quiroa. We had a pretty awesome lesson with the husband who isn't a member the other day. For the first time he told us that he has the desire to be baptized.. but that he is scared of committing himself and not being able to complete with all that is asked. He thinks that if he is a member he has to give ALL of his time to the church and serve others. It is a great thought.. but we are trying to help him understand the Lord just asks us to give all that we can, and that through His grace and mercy we can complete with all that He asks of us.

We also have been working hard with the recent converts here in our ward. We have a couple that are having a tough time.. for the reason that you expressed mom.. because they are taking on a whole different life. We have had some success helping a few of them strengthen their testimonies. They are also a great way to find new people to teach, those recent converts are those who are always excited to share the Gospel with others. Speaking of this we are planning to have a Family Home Evening with Teodora, her sister and and some of their friends next week, should be awesome!

This morning I was watching a video on the LDS website.. .. which talks a lot about the hope and faith that can come through a life centered in Christ. I pray that we can all continue to develop attributes like our Savior Jesus Christ and always find the hope that he can bring us.

Hope you have a great week, love you all!
Elder Hansen.

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