Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hna and Elder Ashton, Elder Flores, and I!

It was the birthday of Elder Webster and Cardozo so we had a little birthday party in the office!

Hey Fam!!

Thanks for the letters this week.. boy this week sure did pass by quickly! Glad to hear that you guys are doing well and having a blast of a summer as usual. It truly is crazy how things change and the differences of every year but it's part of the life right. I like to think that the best days are yet to come! Hope you guys don't work too hard or anything this summer and just relax :) haha. CRAZY it's Magrath days right now. Where has the time gone? The days are seriously passing by so fast. Hope that you guys have a great weekend!
Don't worry about the overload of questions haha, I figured last week I didn't answer very well about my new situation. I hope that I can answer better this week. As far as the offices, it's great, there are a lot of us but there is still so much to do. I am definitely not used to sitting at a desk all day but I have been getting used to it. We actually have a washing machine in our apartment, but it's broken haha. So for now I am taking my clothes to the laundry mat because we don't have time to wash by hand. We live right in front of the Mission Offices in an apartment (the Mission Home is about 30 minutes driving from here) and the office is connected with a church. So if it's nice we play on the outside court or we can play inside in the gym as well. Today we played for about 2 hours.. it was a blast. I actually love playing soccer it's so fun. 

We have to travel quite a bit.. to the banks, police offices sometimes, and I have to go downtown to the capital once in a while to help out missionaries who have paperwork to do. It's definitely a different lifestyle but it is still as busy as ever! We have a mission truck that we use sometimes (I am currently waiting to get my Argentine licence) and then I will be able to drive here. Might be a little different than driving in Magrath? haha, But the truck is a stick shift so it's good that dad use to make me suffer to learn how to drive one. For the most part we just take the bus, like to go to our area or to lunch, but the truck is for special situations.
In my picture is my companion and me with our great trainers! The Ashton Family is great. Most people in the mission get their (father or mother) which is their first companion. but not many people are lucky enough to get a grandma and grandpa! haha they are super patient and fun and have been teaching us a lot. He is the Branch President in a little branch about 3 hours from here, and they had been driving out there every weekend and then returning but they decided it wasn't a very good use of time. So we are going to be taking over their spots full time in about a week and they will just be living out there (25 de Mayo). So there is lots to learn in a short time! They have about 2 months left in their mission so they are going to finish out working in the field!
I hope I answered some of your questions. My answers are kind of all over the place.. sorry. The life is good here in the office though. The hardest part has been trying to make the adjustment between office life and proselyting. It is not easy to balance the two and it has been taking some getting used to. Before in the mission I could just forget everything and focus on my investigators and how to help them progress in the Gospel. But now with the 2 responsibilities it has shown me, and taught me how to adjust from one to the other. I would say it is like real life. With all the responsibilities that we are given, we still have to focus firstly on the work of the Lord. It really is the most important thing that we can be do.
The area is going good.. hard but good. We haven't been having a ton of time to work because we are going through training but in the night we are out there working a full!! We have a couple of investigators, but our first focus is to gain the confidence of the members and work with the inactive members. Our ward has 2 Sister Missionaries and then us, and our part of the area had Sister Missionaries in it before but then they closed it down. The other 2 Sister Missionaries continued to work in the ward, and a little bit in our part.. but not a ton. So we are 2 new missionaries who know nothing with a new area. What a great blessing. It truly has shown me to trust in the Lord. Sometimes we don't know where we are, what we should do, or where we should go.. but we have felt the Lord's presence.

Yesterday we were in one of those moments. We were a little bit lost and didn't have anyone to visit, but we felt the impression to visit a less active lady. We went there and we ended up talking to her and her son. and there are 8 more people who live in the house who aren't members. We planned to come by another day to be able to talk with them all, and we also invited the boy to come play soccer with us in the church one day. He said yes and then walked out of the room. His mom then started to cry and said that she knew the church was true but had been passing by some tough moments. She also told us that her son wants to go to church again but is pretty shy. It was a pretty powerful, spiritual experience! They are a great family and we are hoping that we can help them find the truth again, as well help their other family members.

I have learned so much this past week and a half, mostly about the opportunities the Lord gives us. I look back on my life before the mission and sometimes think about the missed chances to share the Gospel or to make a difference. But I have learned to learn from mistakes and not to linger on them. I know that EVERY single day is filled with so many amazing opportunities and blessing to share the Gospel with others. The office has shown me the time is short, but just how great the opportunity is. I hope that you guys can learn to love to share the Gospel with others. I love this church and know it's true without a doubt.

Hope you have a great week!
Love, Elder Hansen.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elder Webster and me. He's one of the Assistants. We live 8 in one apartment.. it's a good time. We wake up early at 6 almost every day to play soccer.. explains my nice hair.

My new desk!

Hey All!

Just sending out my quick little weekly letter to let you know that I love you all! Hope that all is well. Don't worry about not writing me this week family I'm not offended. Haha just teasing. You may be asking why I am writing on Saturday.. my picture will explain why.

On Monday night I got a call from my Zone Leaders. I thought it was just going to be another routine call asking me how things were going and the nightly information. But they went onto explain that I was being "flash transferred". It is when you are changed areas in the middle of a transfer without any warning. So they told me I had to be in the Offices at 11 the next morning. Boy was I shocked! I never saw that coming. So I called a couple people and said goodbye, packed up, and then headed to the Offices.. very nervous. So then when I got there I had an interview with President Robertson.. and he gave me the new calling as Secretary of Formalities (I believe that's how you say it in English) it's tramites in Spanish. So that means I am now here working in the Offices! It's crazy.. I never saw it coming or expected to be working here.

It's pretty fun though. You remember how the Flia Torres has been waiting over 4 months to get their paperwork to get married? Well I was joking with my Elder Maragaño the other day about how I am probably the worst person in the world when it comes to that kind of stuff. I also shared in my talk last Sunday how the church is so great at putting us out of our comfort zone, and with this we are caused to grow, learn, and reach our potential. With saying these 2 things I think the Lord wanted to call me to this position haha. What I do is I am in charge of all the missionaries paperwork as far as religious visas, FBI clearances, passports, and their rights to live in the country. It's a lot of work and I am a little bit lost! haha. But I have the greatest grandmother. We call our trainer (first companion) in the mission our father.. but know I have Sister Ashton training me. She is one of the couple missionaries here in the mission. So she is great, helping me get along through the tough new struggles of learning how to work with all the things necessary to be able to serve a mission. I never knew it was so hard! And never really appreciated the service that went on behind the scenes until now.

The husband of Sister Ashton is training my new companion Elder Flores! He is he secretary of finances. He is awesome. He has about 7 months in the mission now and is also from Canada! He was born in Peru and lived their for 6 years, but then moved to Montreal and lived their all his life. So he speaks Spanish, French, and English. Pretty crazy eh. I want him to teach me French so I can be a true Canadian. He was in the CCM with Makenzie as well! I don't have any pictures right now but I will try to send one to you a little later if I can!

So ya, that is the life. I am now here in the offices. President Robertson is trying to change things a little bit to make things run smoother. Before it was 2 assistants, 2 secretaries that were in charge of 250 missionaries. They were usually soo busy and didn't leave to proselyte until about 5 or 5:30 everyday, sometimes later. Now we have 2 assistants still, but 5 secretaries. He wants that we are able to leave here between 3 or 4 everyday to be able to work in the offices but still be able to proselyte and teach people this amazing Gospel!

To top it all off as well Elder Flores and I are opening up a new area. So we have quite a pile of things to do but it is great. We don't really know anyone too well yet but we are getting to work as fast as possible. We don't want to use the fact that we are in the offices as an excuse not to baptize. It's definitely tough to balance the 2 but we will learn as we go. We do have this member in our area called Modesto. He was just baptized a few months ago and he is unreal. He is super humble and just loves to do visits with us. I can't even explain it with words. He literally touches my heart so much. He is a little bit slower, but his desire to help others is incredible. It has strengthened my testimony so much. It is not the things of the world that make one rich, but it really is the desires of their heart. We are all born with different weaknesses and strengths, but we can always choose to help others and make a difference. That is what it is all about.

I pray with all my heart that you guys too can develop a strong testimony of this. That the Lord has put you where you are, with your strengths and weaknesses for a reason and that you do have the ability to touch the lives of so many. I know this with all my heart. I love you guys a ton and thank you for everything. Hope to hear from you soon.. and yes from now on I will be writing every Saturday so please don't want till Sunday to email me :) haha love you guys a ton! Have a great week!

Love Elder Hansen

Monday, July 14, 2014

 Sittin by the window last night in my Argentina jersey listening to the people scream haha! 

Dallin left, Dallas right.. The sons of Presidente and Hermana Robertson!

Hola Fam!

Thanks so much for the letters this week! Sounds like you guys are just being lake bums as usual. How great! The lake is always the greatest, just for the company that is always their. We are definitely blessed to have such great family friends! Hope they are all doing good, give them all my best :)

That's a bummer Carter didn't make the team. I know it's tough. It has happened to me before and it's never easy. Just be happy that you did your best and left it all out there :) and know that everything happens for a reason. I'm sure the Lord has something amazing planned for your brother! Keep your head up!

Things are good here in Argentina! We had a crazy week with World Cup. And crazy is a light way to put it. The people here are so passionate about their soccer it's wild.. and it's usually the Women more then the Men! haha. The game on Wednesday was pretty unreal, it was super intense and I felt Argentine during the game. I was super nervous! Every time Netherlands had the ball I had butterflies in my stomach. Just like when Canada played USA in hockey. I definitely never though I'd see the day but I loved it, and we were so excited that we won!! I have a pretty funny video. We were with the Flia Torres (7 people) Gustavo, and then us. And when they won everyone started screaming and cheering.. and outside was just as crazy haha. Fireworks, and people honking their horns everywhere. I was pretty sad yesterday they lost, but they gave it a good run and everyone here is pretty happy with how it went.

We finally got to meet President Robertson and his family last week! They are so awesome, I love them so much already. They have a pretty special family. We had a little reunion and they showed us pictures of their family and told us a little bit about their history. They have 3 kids here (Nicole, Dallas, and Dallin) so its a pretty fun time. It has an awesome family feel to the mission with the little kids. In my picture I'm with Dallas (15) and Dallin (9) haha and they are such studs! We had a good hour just talking. They all speak great Spanish because they lived in Guatemala and Peru. Reminded me of talking to Carter! The Hna and Presidente are awesome as well. I was able to have a little interview with President to get to know him and let him know about me and my life. He definitely has a great testimony and desire to help and love others. There have been a few changes happening throughout the mission with a new President but they are good! Definitely interesting to see a new way to work but I know that he is a man inspired by God and that the small changes are for the better!

Yesterday I gave a talk in Sacrament. I talked about how we the people of Argentina should be proud of who we are (yes I included myself in there) haha.. and be proud of our legacy. Talked a little about World Cup, and then about the history of Argentina with missionary work. I think it went well. It was I think the 1st time I have been told before the sacrament meeting that they wanted me to talk.. and saying that it was in a text at about 10:00 Saturday night. I wish they wouldn't have told me anything. haha, I think I was more nervous having to prepare what I wanted to talk about than if I just had to get up and talk! But it was good.

Elder Maragaño is a stud! Things are going good in his training and he has been progressing a lot. Its been incredible to see the big changes and improvements he has made in just a little time. Now he is actively involved in all the lessons and sharing scriptures. It has been a tough process for me trying to balance out the things that need to be done and the different responsibilities but I wouldn't have it any other way. Have felt the presence of the Lord a ton in my life.

Hope you guys are doing good! And that you don't have too much fun this summer.. just don't forget to read and pray :) haha. Know that those 2 things will make the days have so much more joy! Wish you all the best here from Argentina.

Love, Elder Hansen!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Vamos Argentina!! :)

Mi hijo Chileno! (My Chilean Son!)

Hey Fam!

First off Happy Birthday to the Carter man!! Crazy that he turned 17 this week.. just a giant. Crazy how fast time flies by and that he will be a Senior this year in high school! I am sure that the rents spoiled you as usual ;) and hope that you enjoyed a great birthday! You will have a delayed bday present from me one day :) haha.. all the best bro!

I am truly humbled by your letters this week. It seems like every week they have a stronger spirit and seem to touch my heart in a way I can't describe. It's like the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants.. as we speak by the Spirit our word will be scripture. I truly feel this way.. some of the things you say truly do touch my heart and make a deep, lasting impression.. thanks so much!

Sounds like life is crazy but couldn't be better eh! Lot's of traveling, sports, and of course the lake! Just another great summer in the Hansen Family hey. Hope that you guys enjoy your summer and make the best of the time. What I loved most about your letters was just the pure excitement and joy I could feel from the time you guys have to spend with those you love. Is there anything greater? Family, friends, it really is an indescribable blessing the Lord has given us. Hope that you guys continue to share lots of time together!

WE GET TO WATCH ARGENTINA PLAY ON WEDNESDAY! haha. It was just announced this morning to us that we can go to the member's house and watch the game of Argentina and Netherlands! Never thought I'd be so excited to watch a soccer game haha. 4 years ago you probably couldn't have paid me 50 bucks to watch it.. now I'm excited beyond belief. I will be rooting for my good old country Argentina of course, and you can see in my picture I am a true fan! haha. It will be nice to feel apart of the Argentina Cultural even more than before. Vamos Argentina!

We still haven't met President Robertson yet but I talked to him yesterday on the phone and he sounds like he's super excited to be here! This Thursday we will have the chance to meet him and have personal interviews with him.. I'm really looking forward to it and know it will be a good opportunity to get to know him and his family!

With the World Cup the work has been really hard here. I don't like to make excuses but I never thought it could impact the people so much. But I was wrong haha. But we are still working and doing all we can to find new people to teach. After the success we had in June and May we are a little bit dry right now but we are working hard to find new people and to excite the members to get involved in the work with us. It really is a connection that is so important. The missionaries and the members.. and without the connection the work is very slow. I have learned a ton of the importance of having members work with us and learned that I will need to continue to be a missionary even after the mission. I hope that you guys can look and pray for opportunities to be involved in the work of the Lord. Their is no greater blessing, and nothing more important that we can do.

The other day I was reading a talk by President Hinckley. He shared a story about a Stake President who always filled up in the same Gas Station in a little town, and every time that he stopped by he left a church article with the man who owned the gas station. After time the Spirit touched the heart of this man, he was baptized, and is now a bishop. It's crazy how the littlest things can make the biggest difference. I was truly touched by your story mom. It is crazy that the time has passed by so fast, and I am so grateful that you have such a firm testimony and strong belief in this church. It is amazing what one little moment can do, and the results that can come from it. One moment really can change the lives of thousands. I love you guys so much for the little moments you taught me to always put my trust in the Lord, and never forget the importance he has in my life.

Give my best to the Maxwell family in this tough time! I love them all and they are like family to me. How grateful we should be for the Eternal Plan of Happiness that God has given us! And for the knowledge that we have. I have no doubt in my mind that it is true.

Have a great week. We are cutting our Pday short to go work to make up for the time we won't have during the soccer game! Hope you have a great week and don't get to sun burnt! I feel like we are still in summer here and it's the 3rd week of winter.. it's been nice and I hope it stays the same. All the best!!

Elder Hansen!!