Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday, Nov. 22nd letter

With Elder Flores

With "Nacho"

In Sister Llarena's backyard

At the Llarena house

With the Sister Missionaries

Hola Fam!
It was so great to hear from you guys this week, sounds like its been a pretty incredible couple days! So awesome that the boys and girls won Zones! Congrats bro that is super exciting, so glad to hear that it went well. Wish you guys all the best in provincials. I'm excited to hear how it goes! Sounds like it was quite the trip up there. Reminds me of the good old hockey days haha. That's one thing I don't miss too much. But enjoy it and hope things go well today!

Don't worry my toenail it is fine. I really don't know how it started I think it was just a mixture of things. I will just be more careful from now on... but the toe is a long ways from the heart so I think I'll be good to go :) haha.

This week has actually been a lot calmer here in the office which has been really nice. We haven't been running around so much so it's made for more time to work in our area. Although we did receive 2 new secretaries this week. Elder Vera is gone so we have a new Apartment Secretary, and Elder Christensen is training Elder Rojas to be in charge of all the materials. It's crazy that we have already been in here for 4 MONTHS. I don't know where the time has gone. Normally secretaries are in the office from 4-6 months so it looks like President is starting to take us out 1 by 1. I don't know when my time will be, I guess we shall see! I do love it here a lot but at the same time it'll be super nice to get back out there in the field and work. Will definitely make the best of the time I have here though, it's been such a blessing to be around President Robertson and his wife and learn from them.

So we went this week to see the referral from our Stake President's son. It's a young couple.. their names are Nikolas and Emilce.. and they have a little son named Tomas. They are awesome! So we went there this last Monday and had a little lesson with them. It was more then anything getting to know them, seeing what they like to do and what interests them about the church. They definitely have some doubts, but at the same time they have some pretty amazing questions that show they have been thinking about these things. Nikolas knows a ton about the church but has always been pretty hesitant to go, so we will have to see if we can help him. They aren't married but they do have plans, we talked about the proclamation to the family and shared it's importance. It was really good. They definitely desire more then anything the well-being of their family and are willing to do what it takes to be happy. We are trying to plan a Family Home Evening with President Catron and his family to show them what the Gospel can do for us. We also got talking about Canadian food and they want us to go over there one day and cook pancakes for them haha. They are a pretty special family!
Teodora is doing amazing. She has been coming to church every week since her baptism and she has really come to love it. She mentioned to the another member the other day that she get anxious waiting for Sunday cause she's so excited to go to church. What a miracle no! It's amazing how people can change so much. We had a really spiritual lesson on the sacrament the other day, which really helped her understand the importance of persevering in the Gospel. We also talked about the temple and she really wants to go, she should be having an interview with the Bishop soon!

So like I mentioned Elder Christofferson came last week and wow it was so amazing.They speak with such compassion and power that you really can feel their love. He talked very simply the other day. He focused on how we can have success as missionaries. Many times we wait to get specific answers in exactly how we should work.. but I was really surprised, yet amazed by his answer. He just simply talked about the Atonement of Christ in Alma 7. And how this is the only true way we can come to love others and have success in our mission. Rather then invent or look for other ways to do the work, we should look towards Christ and try to come closer to Him. He said "none of you are unknown to Him, and as you pray none of you are strangers". He talked about how when we really come to understand the love and sacrifice of our Savior we come to understand what it is that the Lord wants us to do. I have gained such a strong testimony of this. I feel like the greatest thing the mission does is offer one the opportunity to become like our Savior, something we all need to do.

He also left a pretty mind-blowing thought with us. He was talking about the second coming of Christ and how we normally say that he won't come until the world is extremely wicked. He then said in his opinion the earth has plenty of wickedness, but what lacks for the second coming to come to pass isn't wickedness.. but prepared people ready to receive it. I was really struck by that. This is when he really try to excited us to work, and do our part to help prepare the people for the second coming. I love our leaders so much, how blessed we are to have them!

Today I was watching the new mormon message "The Refiner´s Fire" oh it's so good you have to watch it. There is one quote that I loved.. "The greater our sorrow is the greater our capacity is to feel joy". I believe this to be true. Sometimes the trials and sorrow in the mission are indescribable, but that's what makes it so incredible. I hope we can all make the best of the hard moments and look forward to the limitless joy our Heavenly Father has promised us. That really is my prayer.

Hope you guys have a great week. Love you guys so much.
Take care and go Zeniths!

Love, Elder Hansen.

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