Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends!
Hey It was so great to hear from you guys! Sounds like it was a great week, glad to hear that it was a good week of volleyball as well! Sorry I didn't write the other day, we didn't have internet in the office for the past couple days.. plus we only had like 2 hours for our Pday because of the baptism!

That's the great news! Teodora got baptized on Saturday and was confirmed a member of the church yesterday! It was amazing. It has seriously been such a blessing to be a part of her life and to be able to share the restored gospel with her. She had some really hard challenges in her life a little over 6 months ago which really had a hard impact on her. She rarely left the house for a few months, and really didn't feel a lot of purpose in her life. It's amazing how the gospel can bring one so much hope, and how our Savior can heal us both physically and spiritually.

During the time we have known her she has been so receptive and willing to change, depending on what she personally feels. That's one of the greatest things about her, and about the conversion she has had. We have been trying to teach in a new way which allows the people to be more self reliant and depend more on their own agency. and not just simply "listening and do exactly what the missionaries say". We have been there every step of the way guiding her and helping her, but all the choices she has made she has made them on her own! She has gained such a strong testimony, and has such a strong desire to one day enter the temple.

The service was great as well, just a nice simple service.. she was super emotional! Her sister Juana (who is a less active member) came to the baptism and is going to start coming to church again. It has been amazing to see how their relationship has changed.
Besides that the week was good. Just working as usual, loving every second and trying to become more like my Savior. It really is a blessing.
I was thinking a lot about trials, and the hardships we pass through in life when I read a talk by Elder Neal A. Maxwell the other day, and this quote really got to me.

"Obedience on our part can bring us face to face with new challenges which we need but do not want, challenges from which we may even be running away. Obedience helps us to pioneer beyond the past... Our transitory disappointments are real, but the missing letter from home is not really comparable to the delivered message from heaven, the good news of the gospel. Today's unmet hunger for a few more friends must not be allowed to obscure the marvelous reality of the forever friendship of Jesus for each of us. Do not let uncertainty about how others seem to feel about you this week get in the way of how God has always felt about you."

It is such a blessing to have grown up in such a great community, and to be surrounded by such great people in the mission. More then just thinking about friends, I think this quote really speaks out about leaving behind the things of the world and trusting more in the Lord.. who has always been, and will always be there for us. I have never felt more certain about my Heavenly Fathers love for everyone of us. Hope you guys know how much I love you too. 

Have a great week, love you all!
Elder Hansen.

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