Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hey fam!!!

Looks like it was quite the week, wow!! Congrats to Carter and the whole team, as well as the girls team. Looks like it was a pretty successful year in volleyball in Magrath, what a nice feeling! Definitely felt proud of the little bro after seeing the pictures.. I guess I'm the outcast who never won the prov. championship haha. But that picture is so cool.. so awesome that dad and carter won the same trophy. A full a full! Cool to see as well the support of the town, awesome that they got behind you and showed so much support! We are definitely blessed to live in such a great place!

Well another week has come and gone in a blink of an eye. It has been pretty successful as always. First off is that I received an hijo here in the office! His name is Elder Moore, he is awesome.. such a nice guy and a great missionary. So I will be training him over the next few weeks and then heading back out to the field! It is bittersweet, I really have enjoyed the office and learned a ton but I am super excited to get back out there and work. I am definitely trying to prepare myself as much as possible. The thing I will miss the most though is the blessing to be in contact with all the missionaries. It has brought a true light and joy to my life getting to know so many missionaries, it is awesome to see so many young kids working together for the same cause. I will also really miss President and Hermana Robertson. I really do feel like they are apart of my family, and Hermana Robertson reminds me a ton of you mom haha. I have been so blessed to work beside them for the last 4 months.. they have taught me a ton. But off to work we go :) It will probably next transfer when they send me off.

Speaking of the Robertson's yesterday they invited us over to their house because it was american thanksgiving! I had no idea obviously haha.. but we went over there and celebrated as a staff. Unfortunately turkey is pretty much impossible to find here.. but we ate chicken, stuffing, potatoes, corn, cranberries, pumpkin pie... a classic thanksgiving dinner! It was awesome. They are great people and so loving. After we played a couple matches of ping pong between us all.. I have definitely lost my skills haha. We took a bunch of pictures on the mission camera but the Hermana Robertson has it, I will try to send you them next week!

In our area things are doing good. Mom mentioned the new video "He is the Gift" and this is actually the focus in all the mission's in the whole world! We have 10 cards to give out everyday to people to invite to visit the web page and watch this video. It really is such a special time of year and its awesome to see how the church is coming together to try to remind the world the true meaning of Christmas. On December 8th all of youtube is going to be covered with videos from the church and also all of the tv's and propaganda in times square! It's amazing how the Lord is hastening His work. So we are working really hard with this right now. Talking to the members and in reality everyone about this program and how we must remember Christ this Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas we talked about the family Skype. It is going to be the normal 40 minutes, and we can do it the 24th or 25th. I will be sure to give you more details later.. but just let me know how these days are for you and when you will be free. I will probably be in a different area so it will be kinda hard to plan but oh well right! haha.

We have a couple good investigators we are working with right now. Just struggling to commit them to go to church. We have been praying lots for them though. Nikolas and Emilce have been hard to contact as they have been out of town almost all this week. She really wants to get to know the church though, he is a little more hesitant but with time I know he'll come around :) haha. All the good things take time right? We have been working hard on finding families and we feel like the Lord has been blessing us a ton. Families are always harder to commit and help progress but it really is what the Lord needs to help build His kingdom.

I also bought myself some pretty slick new shoes today.. they came out to about 70 dollars.. pretty cheap eh. They are some brown dress shoes. Early Christmas present..  thanks family haha.

Well I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy this great time of year. It truly is the best. I love Christmas and I love my Savior so much. I hope that you guys can do something special with this program and this video.. even if it's just sharing it on facebook. I know that as it says in the scriptures "by small and simple things great things are brought to pass". I really do testify that this is true, and invite you all to do something small and simple this Christmas season and watch the Lord do something great.

Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Hansen.

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