Saturday, December 6, 2014

Best christmas wishes to all lets givumm the greatest gift of all whoot!

Here's one of the best parts of being in the office. After 2 hours of planning a Christmas party for 240 missionaries President and Hermana Robertson treated us to a nice American Thanksgiving Dinner... unreal!!

My ping pong skills are terribleee now! haha

The pool at the mission home that we can't use. For the president's family only.

Hey fam and friends!
Thanks so much for the great letters this week. I am still sitting here in the chair with my jaw dropped to the floor after seeing those massive dunks by Carter haha.. good for you buddy! So proud of you. Hope you don't mind that I am showing everyone here in the office haha. Sounds like things haven't stopped for one minute. Mom going to Hawaii, Dad and Carter a full week with sports and Jo working as always! You guys are the best :) Thanks for always keeping me updated and for the support. Crazy that this will be my last full week here in the office. There is so much to do it's gonna be crazy! We have to finish planning the Christmas party for 240 missionaries.. joy! haha. It's gonna be fun though we have some great stuff planned out.

Speaking of that.. Can't believe that Christmas is coming so soon, I love Christmas in the mission it is such a sacred and special time of year to share the Gospel with everyone. It really is a time where the Lord blesses us as missionaries with so many miracles, and I feel that He touches the hearts of the people just a little bit more. I hope we can all remember that and desire to share with a loved one this Christmas season. Today I was reading President Uchtdorfs message called "Fill the World with Christ's Love" and this part really stuck out to me...

"Jesus the Christ, who knew perfectly how to give, set for us the pattern for giving. To those whose hearts are heavy with loneliness and sorrow, He brings compassion and comfort. To those whose bodies and minds are afflicted with illness and suffering, He brings love and healing. To those whose souls are burdened with sin, He offers hope, forgiveness, and redemption.
If the Savior were among us today, we would find Him where He always was—ministering to the meek, the downcast, the humble, the distressed, and the poor in spirit. During this Christmas season and always, may we give to Him by loving as He loves. May we remember the humble dignity of His birth, gifts, and life. And may we, through simple acts of kindness, charity, and compassion, fill the world with the light of His love and healing power."
I love the simplicity but importance that comes with Christmas. How the Lord came in humble circumstances to serve the humble, lonely, and the poor, and how all He asks us is to share this love with others. With this program of "He is the Gift" the church is really inviting us to share this simple but life changing gift of our Savior with everyone. So we have special Christmas cards that we have, and we are trying to give out at least 10 everyday.. and with this we are trying to think of creative ways to catch peoples attention. One of my favorites we have been doing is simply asking the people what is the one thing that they want most for Christmas not caring about how much money it costs. As they think and express their ideas we then share that we have something even better and more valuable for them, a message from our Savior Jesus Christ. It has been working pretty well. We found a couple new people to teach this week through this! We are also going to buy wrapping paper today and then we are going to wrap up Book of Mormon's and hand them out in the street! haha. It's going to be cool. The options are endless.
We also saw another special miracle this week. So Teodora was working for a sewing company but she just quit last week because she wants to work in her house. So she asked us if we knew anyone who would like to work with her because there is a ton to do. This is when we remembered about our investigators Nikolas y Emilce. Emilce has been without work for along time now and hasn't been able to find any.. and we promised her we would look. So it just happened Teodora needed someone, and Emilce was looking.. what a miracle! So we talked to Emilce and gave her Teodora´s number and they are planning to meet up and talk about working together! We also talked with Teodora about the great opportunity this would be to talk about the Gospel with Emilce.. and she was super excited to do it! It's amazing how the things just work out perfectly, and how much the Lord really watches out for His children. It was such a special thing for me.
Besides that things are going good, lots of work to do but my hijo Elder Moore is super bueno and he is learning really fast. He pretty much has it all down. It's definitely going to be different when I get out of here but it's going to be a blessing. I have learned a ton in the office and I'm excited to put it to work and truly be able to dedicate all the time I have in the Lord's harvest. I hope that this Christmas season we can all do just a little bit more, and think of just a little something extra we can do to make the world a better place.
Hope you guys have a great week. You're always in my prayers :)
With Love, Elder Hansen.

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