Monday, September 8, 2014

Mission Office Staff

Elder Dos Santos

The Doctrine and Covenants Section 4 in Spanish.. so cool.

Hey Fam!

Sounds like things are going great as usual back in the promised land! Glad that you guys enjoyed your week, looks like it was pretty eventful! Can't believe it's back to school already. How is it already September? The time sure does fly by. It's incredible. Hope that everything goes well and that Carter has a great year and enjoys it all. Good old Senior year!
Thanks so much for the words of support and encouragement you send me. I love when you guys share your testimonies and thoughts with me, they really do strengthen me everyday. What a blessing family is!

This week was good out here in the mission. We had Elder Gonzalez come and visit the mission!! He is the Area President of Southern America South. I absolutely love when the General Authorities come to speak, they talk with such power and humility. We had such an amazingly spiritual session with him. He taught us some pretty amazing things about how we can be more successful as missionaries and how we can help build the church. He talked a lot about why we are here. To help build and establish the church in Argentina. There was a couple principles he taught that I absolutely loved that I would like to share.
As we were talking with him one missionary asked how we best can apply all the information he was giving us. He went on to talk about receiving personal revelation. I think this is one of the toughest things we are faced with as people. Making decisions. Sometimes it is so difficult to know which way to go, or what decision to make. He talked about the uniqueness of every single child of God, and that the way one person feels happy or has success will not necessarily work for someone else. In my mission I have come to understand what it is to receive personal revelation. To feel like God is talking to me, and knowing without a doubt what he wants from me. I know that our eternal progress depends on how we use our agency, and how we learn to humble ourselves to do exactly what the Lord wants us to do, not what we want.

But what caught my attention most was when he talked about building our lives on the foundations of the Gospel, and the principles that lie within. He went on to talk about how crutcial it is for someone to study and know the Gospel inside and out, and to know exactly what it is that the Lord desires for us. I have to be honest when I say that it was hard for me before the mission, to sit down, focus, and study. But I have learned that knowledge and understanding of the Gospel is what brings the change of heart to average people. and makes them become something greater. With this he talked about the Book of Mormon, and how we never ever should take it lightly. 
How it is the absolute most important thing we have. And personally, the Book of Mormon has changed my life. I know that if we pray and study with a true and sincere desire that the Lord will be able to work miracles in our hearts.

I read a conference talk called "Principles" by Elder Packer the other day. It talks just about this. I read this quote and thought about Carter :)
"The safety of the Church in generations ahead rests on our success in calling missionaries. If we have concern for the future of this work, we will not rest until every able-bodied young man is made worthy and desires to receive a call to a mission."

We had a great week as well out in the the mission field. About 2 weeks ago we found a family from Bolivia and they are great. They consist of the mom and dad and their daughter. and then they have 3 other Bolivians working and living with them. The little girl is a member, and the other day we had a lesson with her and one of the girls that is living there. Yamelin (the girl) is only 13 years old but bore her testimony to her friend about how much she loves the church and how happy it makes her. We invited her friend to be happy and she accepted, she has a lot of potential. She is pretty shy but has a great heart. After that we went and played soccer with the other 2 kids that are living with them, Rudy and Cristian. They are studs. It was a good way to show them who we are and to build a relationship with them. This family is super humble and the Gospel would bless their lives so much, we are going to be working with them a lot.

I hope you guys are doing great, things here are as great as ever. Flying by, but I am trying to make the best of every minute. Love you guys a ton, have a great week! Go zeniths :)

Les amo, Elder Hansen.

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