Saturday, September 13, 2014

"My fam is the Best"

The Blazers repainted their bus and I'm on it.  How crazy is this photo. Like wow.

Eating with the Llerena's

"Me and Elder Healey (from Edmonton) when he got here! He's great!"

 Bombing in the mission truck

Me and Elder Webster painting at the Hospital for "Helping Hands"

Helping Hands service project at the hospital

Hey Family!!

Thanks for the emails this week, love to hear that everything is going well.. besides the snow and the weather! Classic Canada. I showed Elder Dos Santos (from Brazil) those photos and he was just like "how is that even possible" haha. We definitely have some wild weather. I love to hear as well that Carter is dominating in volleyball, I would love to see that but yes you will have to video tape some of it for me mom!

I am so heartbroken to hear about that loss. (Barry Gorham) I seriously can't imagine how hard that would be. I wish Zach and his family my very best and all of the love that I have. I love that kid and his family so much. We have to be so grateful for the Gospel we have in our lives.

Sorry this week is going to be a bit short. We just got back from "Manos que ayudan" (helping hands) which is a world wide service project that the church does. Did you guys participate in it as a ward or a stake? Sure hope you did :) All of our stake went to a hospital and helped paint, do yard work, and clean up. There was probably about 100 of us there and we did a lot of work. It was a blast. There is nothing better then serving others and doing it in the company of those who you love. From when we first got there and when we left there was a huge difference. After the hospital staff came and talked to us and they were so grateful for the work we did. It was so nice to see the smiles in their eyes. I have gained such a strong testimony in the importance of service and how it blesses and changes lives in every aspect. I love my Savior so much for the service he gave to others, and as it says in the Bible, he came here not to be served but to serve others.

We also saw some amazing miracles this week in our area! First off we have an investigator named Gilbert who is a Capo! We contacted him when we first got to the area and he rejected us about 2 or 3 times, just did not want to let us into his house or anything to do with us. The other day we just felt the need to go and visit him and we could see something different about him, he ended up letting us in! As we got talking, he mentioned that in just 2 days it was the 1 year mark from when his wife passed away. He had been going through some pretty hard times. We had an amazing spiritual lesson with him about the Plan of Salvation and how much our Heavenly Father loves us, and that we can continue to live as families forever. We ended up inviting him to be baptize in October and he accepted! Tomorrow we are going to prepare some pancakes or some type of breakfast and go to his house early in the morning, eat with him, and then go to church!

We also were visiting some less active members the other day and we met this lady who has been inactive for about 2 years. We ended up teaching her, her husband and her son about the Restoration and how this is God's true church on the earth. As we taught them I was just thinking about how this really is what makes us different from all the rest, and how important it is to share the Restoration of the true through Joseph Smith with everyone. With the Book of Mormon this is how one gains a true testimony.

A family in the MTC just brought me my package right now!! I am seriously out of words, te pasaste! (you overdid it) haha. Thank you so much for everything it is great! I am sure we will enjoy the candy here in the offices for a couple days... don't worry I won't eat it all. Im already fat enough.

I hope that you guys have a great week. Love you all a ton! Not a lot of time, lots of things to do. Love this work so much and am so proud to serve my Savior and my family every single day. Nothing I would rather do.

With all my love, Elder Hansen.

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