Saturday, September 27, 2014

Elder Webster and me decided it was time to look like real soccer players.. so we bought ourselves some soccer shoes! I don't think my friends will believe that I bought them haha. My other shoes were so ripped up!

The jackets we made in Marcos Paz.. they're legit.

Hey Fam!

Glad to hear from you all once again! Things sound great up there! Glad to hear that everyone is doing awesome and that volleyball is going well! Love to hear and see pictures, Carter is a beast! I really appreciate the love and support you all show me!

It seems like every week my emails are getting shorter... haha. I find the more time that I'm out here the less there is to say because there is so much to do and so little time. But this week was once again excellent. We had transfers so we spent a good amount of time in the office helping out with the new missionaries and the ones going home. It is always great to learn from the missionaries going home, and what helped them have success in their lives. Elder Dos Santos (one of the assistants) went home this transfer which was pretty sad for everything. He was one of the greatest missionaries and biggest examples for me in my mission. He taught me a lot of important things, but the greatest was about the importance to love others and be kind to everyone. I will definitely miss that guy!

In our area things continue to get better. The other week we started visiting an inactive sister in our ward (Sister Ortiz). She's great. She hasn't been to church for about a year, but when we showed up she started telling us that just about a week before she started having the desire to start going to church again. She then introduced us to her sister who isn't a member and we have started teaching her about the Gospel, and she is so receptive! The first day we taught her she didn't really understand much, she has trouble reading and understanding the scriptures, and also has a bad problem with cigarettes. One of our focuses in the mission is to help people choose for themselves what they want to do. As missionaries it's so common to tell them EXACTLY what they should do to overcome their problems.. but when they learn to choose for themselves is when they really understand the importance. So we tried to patiently asked her how she could learn to study the scriptures and stop smoking, she gave us a few answers and we left it at that. The next day we passed by she had been reading the scriptures and she came across a verse.. Mormon 9:37.. and for her it was such an answer to her prayers.That if she prays and has faith that she can be healed and helped through her Savior Jesus Christ. It was so amazing that she found this on her own, and now she truly believes that she can do it. Not to mention that in 5 days she went from smoking 2 packs of cigarettes to just 3 cigarettes! What a miracle! It was so amazing. She is great and we are praying that she will continue to progress in the Gospel.

We also saw a pretty amazing miracle yesterday. I went with Elder Webster to the airport to drop off a missionary who finished and was heading home.. and after we took a taxi from the airport to President Robertson's house. In the taxi we were talking  to the driver as normal when he started to ask us who we were and what we were doing here. We explained that we are missionaries here to preach about our Savior, and we continued talking about the Book of Mormon, The Restoration, and the Temple and he was super interested. So we thought.. we gotta ask him where he's from so missionaries can go by and visit him one day.. and you will never believe where he's from. Caseros! Our proselyting area. Of millions of people and taxi drivers in all of Buenos Aires, we got in his taxi. This showed me so much the tender mercy the Lord has for us, and that if we are just willing to open our mouths and share the Gospel that we will see miracles in our lives. We ended up writing down his address and we are going to visit him another day, he also said he was going to talk to his wife about going to church tomorrow! The mission is so filled with miracles, and I feel like we can see blessings like that everyday in our lives if we pray for them. If we pray for the opportunity to meet people who need our help I know the Lord will put them in our paths.. we just need to be willing to do our part.

Just wanted to share quickly with you these 2 miracles.. and share my testimony that I know that the impossible is possible if we just have faith, and trust in the Lord. Nothing happens in the way we expect or desire, but His plan is perfect and if we learn to understand that everything will happen in His time. I love you guys so much. Hope you have the greatest week ever!

With love, 
Elder Hansen.

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