Monday, June 30, 2014

Me and Elder Christensen (The Alaskan) the other day at the zone activity!

Hey Fam!

Thanks so much for the great emails and the words of support and enthusiasm! Always nice to get that boost of energy from your emails to have a great week. Crazy you guys are in summer now! Today it almost looks like its snowing here.. ojala!! (I wish) I kinda miss the snow. But it's just another super foggy humid day. Still making it through winter without too many problems as far as coldness.. but when its cold its way different than it is in Canada. Really humid and it freezes you to the bones! I'm sure summer for you guys is just gonna be a party as usual eh. Im sure you guys will make the most of it, golfing, the lake, hanging with the fam, what more could one ask for?? 

Crazy that Jason got home and that all the boys were there! So cool. Hope you gave them all my love, so proud of them and for the example they set for me! Always had the greatest friends who blessed my life a ton. Hope that Grandma Maxwell and Matkin are doing better, you will have to give them my best if you have the chance. Also give all the Maxwell's my love from Argentina :)

There have been so many changes going on in the mission these days its crazy! From training, to World Cup, and a new mission president it has been quite the wild ride!

Things are starting to heat up here in the World Cup and I'm sure tomorrow will be even crazier than before! I hope Argentina wins it all so I can get a first hand experience of what it's like. I have never before had so much love for soccer. It's crazy! The culture here has definitely rubbed off on me a lot, which is one of the greatest parts of the mission! Learning to love and be apart of where you are serving. I have learned that someone (especially missionaries) who leave the past behind and learn to live in the moment where they are at are truly happy. I know I'm horrible at soccer but I feel like I'm Argentino :) sometimes I just want to tell people I'm from here, but my spanish and white skin kinda gives it away.

It's crazy that we officially have a new Mission President! Today was the first day we were able to have contact with him.. just through email.. but it got me excited to meet him. He wrote the mission an email and he sounds super excited to be here and start working with us! His family seems great as well and I'm positive I will learn to love them a ton!

The work here in Marcos Paz has been a little bit tougher as of late. With the weather lately, people here are a little less receptive when it's cold out, especially the thought of going to church. It makes me thing just how blessed we are. To have cars, live close to the church, and have a warm house. It breaks my heart to see some of the conditions here, but the people are amazingly strong and make the best of every moment. It makes me see just how special they are for God. Sometimes we tend to think why would God allow people to live this way? But I truly believe they are his chosen people and he knows just how strong they are. I have learned to love them with all my heart. And to see them make sacrifices to go to church despite all the challenges has taught my so many priceless life lessons.

But the work goes on! We are still working with a few great families right now and trying to help them gain a solid testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel! It's truly never easy. Sometimes it can be hard to help people make these changes after they have been living one way for so long. But every single moment is worth it. To be able to give people the hope they are looking for is truly a blessing.

Elder Maragaño is doing great! He is learning and progressing really fast! Not having to learn a language definitely makes things a little easier. but with that being said I'm teaching him English and he actually speaks really good! It's fun to be able to teach him, and now I know how the people here feel when I speak haha. As far as the doctrine and the lessons their is a TON to learn but we have been studying a full! We have 4 hours of studies every morning. We have been learning how to invite people to be baptized, how to contact people in the street and their houses and a ton more. I have learned a ton myself from this.. just being able to pass through what I learned again. I can't stress enough the importance of Preach My Gospel! It is the key! I was reading the other day a conference talk from this April, by Elder Ballard. He was talking about how EVERY MEMBER should have a read Preach My Gospel to learn how we can be better member missionaries. I know that I drop a lot of things on you guys ;) haha sorry. But this would be great for you guys to do with Carter. You could read and talk about Preach my Gospel to help him prepare for the mish and to help you guys better understand what I'm doing.. and what you guys can do!

I have such a strong testimony of diligence. The truth is this week was tough for us but I learned a few valuable lessons along the way. It is amazing that on the tough days we never found new people to teach until the end of the night. Sometimes the Lord just wants to see how strong we are and how willing we are to continue through the trials. It's like the scripture in Ether 12, the blessings never come until after the trial of our faith! I hope that you guys can challenge your trials with a smile and know that they are their to bless and help you. If you make the best of every day I know that the Lord is waiting to bless you.

Thank you so much for everything. Have a great week!

With Love,
Elder Hansen!

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