Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hey Fam!
So glad to hear that everyone had a fantastic week! From the pictures and the comments it looks like you guys are enjoying life as usual. Looks like the weather is getting a bit nicer as well. I'm sure that's a nice change after a long winter! We had some good weather this week, still waiting for the cold to hit me. Thank you for the support and for the letter, I just received it and it was very much enjoyed. 

Loved the pictures of the track and volleyball! Lots of sports as always, pretty intense! That's awesome you were able to hit up the links with Corbin, sure he was hitting it deep just like before the mission. You will have to tell Carson congrats for me, I had no idea he was dating her.. looks like they are happy together!

This week in Marcos Paz was super hectic but another great one. I don't know where to start. There are too many thoughts and things going on in my mind. The baptisms for this Saturday are looking good. Julian, Rosario, and Antonella. We are praying for them a lot. They are such awesome kids and a part of such an amazing family. The Hna Soler (their grandma) bakes something every time we come over to visit. Reminds me of the good old days with Grandma Hansen and Schmidt. She really is awesome, has such a sweet heart and loves having us over. We always enjoy good spiritual talks together. We are getting together the final plans for the baptism this weekend. I know it will be a memorable experience for all of them!

The Flia Torres is still doing well and are as strong as ever. As I commented, Gustavo is now taking the discussions and preparing to be baptized as well. On Sunday he had a pretty rough day.. just a lot of trials and things were all hitting him at once and he felt pretty overwhelmed. I felt honoured to be able to represent our Savior in this moment. Sometimes the problems of others can be a lot to handle, but the more we come to realize the power of the Atonement and of our Savior the chance to help changes from a burden to a privelege. I really have come to feel that way. We had such an amazingly spiritual lesson with him, Carla, and Juan. One of the greatest parts was being able to watch Carla and Juan share their testimonies with him. They were able to testify that when they first started attending church they faced lots of problems, but with the help of the Lord they were able to overcome them all. Gustavo felt a pretty peaceful assurance from this, and as we left we could see a new glimmer of hope in his eyes.

The ward is continuing to put us to work :) haha. On Saturday we went to cut down a couple of trees where a member is going to build his house. A group of the Elders Quorum and us all went (about 10 in total) and we put in a good couple hours digging and cutting up all the roots. It was some hard work... and I'm SO out of shape. But there really is nothing greater then spending time together serving others, we definitely enjoyed it.

The ward also gave us a reference or a great family that we should visit. It just turns out that they live 7 kilometers from the city and there aren't buses or anything haha. So we dedicated about half of our day Friday to go visit them.. they are awesome though! We had a great lesson with them.. there are 6 of them in total. Going to church is a little bit of a problem right now because of the distance, but I know that the Lord will help and bless them. After the great lesson we were faced with the long voyage again.. it was about equivalent of walking to Welling and back. But well worth it :) we enjoyed the walk in the country side.

Don't really have too much more to tell you all. It's crazy how fast the time is going by. President Carter goes home in less then 3 weeks, Elder Valdes has about 2. It has really given me the desire to enjoy every moment. I know I'm still pretty young in the mission, but that's the best part :) still have lots of time to serve my Savior.

I have gained such a strong testimony of the power of service. I have been thinking a lot about my calling and the words that are written. It does not say that you are called to teach of baptize. but called to serve in the Mision Buenos Aires Oeste. Here in Marcos Paz I have really learned the sacred importance of service, and been able to put it to work. With the simple acts we have been trying to do for others we have seen so many miracles. Our Savior served. The great missionaries in the Book of Mormon and the Bible serve. It is my prayer that we can all learn the importance of service, and really do all we can without the desire to receive recognition. I know this is when we truly feel happy. This is when I have felt happiness I can't describe. 

I hope you guys all have an amazing week. I hope you never forget that I love you with all my heart. And that the success the Lord has allowed me to have is your success as well, I couldn't do this without you :)

Love you a ton,
Elder Hansen.

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