Monday, July 7, 2014

Vamos Argentina!! :)

Mi hijo Chileno! (My Chilean Son!)

Hey Fam!

First off Happy Birthday to the Carter man!! Crazy that he turned 17 this week.. just a giant. Crazy how fast time flies by and that he will be a Senior this year in high school! I am sure that the rents spoiled you as usual ;) and hope that you enjoyed a great birthday! You will have a delayed bday present from me one day :) haha.. all the best bro!

I am truly humbled by your letters this week. It seems like every week they have a stronger spirit and seem to touch my heart in a way I can't describe. It's like the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants.. as we speak by the Spirit our word will be scripture. I truly feel this way.. some of the things you say truly do touch my heart and make a deep, lasting impression.. thanks so much!

Sounds like life is crazy but couldn't be better eh! Lot's of traveling, sports, and of course the lake! Just another great summer in the Hansen Family hey. Hope that you guys enjoy your summer and make the best of the time. What I loved most about your letters was just the pure excitement and joy I could feel from the time you guys have to spend with those you love. Is there anything greater? Family, friends, it really is an indescribable blessing the Lord has given us. Hope that you guys continue to share lots of time together!

WE GET TO WATCH ARGENTINA PLAY ON WEDNESDAY! haha. It was just announced this morning to us that we can go to the member's house and watch the game of Argentina and Netherlands! Never thought I'd be so excited to watch a soccer game haha. 4 years ago you probably couldn't have paid me 50 bucks to watch it.. now I'm excited beyond belief. I will be rooting for my good old country Argentina of course, and you can see in my picture I am a true fan! haha. It will be nice to feel apart of the Argentina Cultural even more than before. Vamos Argentina!

We still haven't met President Robertson yet but I talked to him yesterday on the phone and he sounds like he's super excited to be here! This Thursday we will have the chance to meet him and have personal interviews with him.. I'm really looking forward to it and know it will be a good opportunity to get to know him and his family!

With the World Cup the work has been really hard here. I don't like to make excuses but I never thought it could impact the people so much. But I was wrong haha. But we are still working and doing all we can to find new people to teach. After the success we had in June and May we are a little bit dry right now but we are working hard to find new people and to excite the members to get involved in the work with us. It really is a connection that is so important. The missionaries and the members.. and without the connection the work is very slow. I have learned a ton of the importance of having members work with us and learned that I will need to continue to be a missionary even after the mission. I hope that you guys can look and pray for opportunities to be involved in the work of the Lord. Their is no greater blessing, and nothing more important that we can do.

The other day I was reading a talk by President Hinckley. He shared a story about a Stake President who always filled up in the same Gas Station in a little town, and every time that he stopped by he left a church article with the man who owned the gas station. After time the Spirit touched the heart of this man, he was baptized, and is now a bishop. It's crazy how the littlest things can make the biggest difference. I was truly touched by your story mom. It is crazy that the time has passed by so fast, and I am so grateful that you have such a firm testimony and strong belief in this church. It is amazing what one little moment can do, and the results that can come from it. One moment really can change the lives of thousands. I love you guys so much for the little moments you taught me to always put my trust in the Lord, and never forget the importance he has in my life.

Give my best to the Maxwell family in this tough time! I love them all and they are like family to me. How grateful we should be for the Eternal Plan of Happiness that God has given us! And for the knowledge that we have. I have no doubt in my mind that it is true.

Have a great week. We are cutting our Pday short to go work to make up for the time we won't have during the soccer game! Hope you have a great week and don't get to sun burnt! I feel like we are still in summer here and it's the 3rd week of winter.. it's been nice and I hope it stays the same. All the best!!

Elder Hansen!!

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