Monday, June 16, 2014

 Fun at the Zone acivity

Hola Fam!
First off I would like to give a big late Father's day to the greatest dad out there! I have been thinking a ton about your influence as a father, and more importantly as a friend. From playing basketball in the driveway, Halo in the basement, or just supporting me in sports you have been there every step of the way and I can't thank you enough for that. It's truly incredible how the little examples that you have shown me have changed my life and my way of thinking. You always supported me in sports, but more importantly always taught me why the church is so important and for that I am here in the mission today. I will forever be grateful for what you did as a missionary, and for what you continued to do even after the mission as you met mom. This moment changed the lives of all our family, and of hundreds of people. It will only continue to touch the lives of more and more. You are a true example of what love, and kindness is.. and I can truly see Christlike attributes in your everyday. Thank you for this. Hope you had the greatest day!

Im just writing now because today we had a zone activity so we had to travel, had the activity then return. We went and did a few lessons before we headed back to the center and so I have just a few minutes to fill you in on life before we have to hit the pension.

The activity was great! We did a bunch of different team activities that included eating, strategy, intelligence and a bunch of other things. There were 3 teams and each team had a captain.. and I was one. The bad part about this was that if your team got last in the challenge.. your captain had to "pay" haha. Unfortunately our team got last in 3 of the challenges. So I had to pay all 3 times.. one was a egg cracked over my head, one was eating a small spoon of cinnamon, and the other was a face full of shaving cream. Man it was so funny. I have always enjoy these types of things, and even though I had to pay it was a great time and we laughed a ton. As you will see in my pictures I was kind of a mess after :)

For your questions. I am taking a lot of photos, I have taken over 1000 now in my time here. Or somewhere around there. I am a missionary but you have to remember I'm still a boy, photos aren't really my thing haha. I only just select 1 or 2 good ones every week. I literally haven't had 2 minutes to try out my bank card, I wanted to try it today but next week I will. I want to buy a sweet Argentina scarf to support my team! haha. So I will try out my bank card to buy that. Speaking of Argentina it's crazy here! As you guys read we had to be in our apartment yesterday when Argentina played.. and when they play this Saturday we have to be in our apartment again for 3 hours. crazy hey! It's unreal their love for soccer, there are Argentina things everywhere you look! Makes me have the desire to watch soccer for the first time in my life haha. But we aren't allowed which is good with me. Lots of work to do!!

We had a good week. Just want to update you on a few things. Gustavo is doing good and we are doing all we can to help him prepare for his baptism. People always seem to have doubts the week before their big day, so we are helping him feel more relaxed and ready. He's a stud. It's been amazing to see the repentance and change he has had in just a short period of time. It truly shows me that if we put our mind to something, we can do it. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We don't trust in ourselves. But if we believe and trust in the sacrifice of our Savior all is possible.

We saw a small but amazing miracle the other day. In the mission their are lots of little rules as you know, and one of the most important rules is to due with time. The time we wake up, do our studies and finish the day. The other day we had an amazing lesson with Gustavo and the Flia Torres. It was pivotal in his conversion as we helped him overcome his doubts. With this we spent a little more time then we had planned in his house. So we left quick and had to make a 25 minute trip in 13 minutes.. so we were preparing to run.. and just then a taxi stopped beside us and asked us where we were going. We said the address and he just happened to be going 2 blocks from our apartment.. so he drove us there and we made it in time. Something so small, but truly a sign that the Lord will put people and things in our path if we live worthy. That he is willing to help us in any form if we do our part, this little moment was so special for me.

I don't have a lot of time. But this week has been great and I'm excited and nervous for transfers! It will be the last transfers for President and we have a couple of awesome things planned for him that I will tell you the following week. I would love to stay here in Marcos Paz but I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in plan for me.

Today I had a personal moment pretty special. I have had the goal to read my Patriarchal Blessing from time to time to see what I have learned and what I need to improve. And it's been amazing to see the blessings that are in there, and how they have started to unfold as I have been on the mission. The blessings and promises really will come true if we do our part. And we should focus on the things that were revealed for us personally. There isn't a clearer way to know the Lord's plan for everyone of us personally. I challenge you all to read and study your blessings.. and for Carter to get his if he hasn't. The Lord loves us so much, and we can't even comprehend the blessings we has for us if we just are willing to take them. I pray that we can do a little more to develop our Christlike attributes everyday and learn more about our eternal importance to our Father in Heaven.

Have the greatest week.
With all my Love.
Elder Hansen.

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