Monday, May 26, 2014

This member caught an armadillo and is going to eat it, haha crazy!

Our District Activity the other day! Go Argentina!

Hey Fam! 
Thanks so much for the letters and for the support! Sounds like you have had an amazing week in Magrath, nice weather always makes for a good week. Sounds like things are starting to become a little more relaxful (is that a word?) in Magrath which is both good and bad. Lots of golf and time to chill as a family, nothing better. I hope Mom and Carter are getting out there on the Links to hit a couple long ones down the fairway!

I haven't tried my bank card for quite some time now, I will try again this week. Everyone tells me my credit card will work if I need to use it. I will just save it if I have to buy something more expensive. I have been blessed to have good health throughout the mission so far. always taking my vitamins mother :) haha. I don't know if I have ever been so tired, but so energetic and motivated in my life. It's crazy how it works, but every day truly is a blessing. The weather is definitely starting to cool off here, we had a couple days pretty cold with lots of rain last week. That's when you pray that the people will let you in their houses. I haven't had any problem though, still nothing compared to Canada so we will see how it is when winter comes.

Sandra and her family are doing good! The trials always seem to come after we take a step of faith like baptism. The Lord truly wants to see our willingness to continue to follow him. They have gone through a couple hard things as a family this past week but are still excited and have the desires, they are awesome. We will continue to visit them as much as possible to support in anything they need.

This week has been another great one! We have another great family we are working with that I think I mentioned before. Their are 4 different families that all live in one little area. Their is the Grandma, then her 3 kids with their families. Their are 4 houses but they are share the same patio, so there is always lots of excitement and people to teach. We have been able to help a few of them go to church again that have been less active for quite sometime, and they have a few kids that are excited about the church and love to participate. Julian, Rosario, and Antonela are their names and they all have baptism dates for the 7th of June, so we are starting to prepare things now! They are awesome. They read their scriptures and pray everyday, and love to participate when we teach them. It's been amazing to see the people the Lord has placed in our path the last little while, we are truly blessed.

On Saturday we did a service project for the Flia Torres. They had a fence around their house that was pretty old and close to falling down. We helped them rip it down and build up a new one. Don't think it's quite up to Papa Bear's standards of craftsmanship but we did the best we could. The difference between now and before is crazy, felt good to help and they were pretty happy. They payed us back with a nice lunch. Love them! Gustavo (the brother of Juan) is pretty excited about everything as well. He went to church yesterday and has a huge desire to be baptized and to continue changing his life to follow his Savior.

I love the comment dad made about the Family History Work. Yesterday I was asked to give a talk about Genologia (Geneology, not sure how you spell it) right before sacrament. Definitely don't have the greatest knowledge about it, but I know how important it is. I just shared about the importance of the work for our brothers and sisters who don't have the Gospel. I also felt inspired in the moment to share the experience of the Calgary Temple this summer. It was truly a moment I will never forget, the spirit was so strong as we were able to do work for our family members. I encourage you guys to keep looking and helping others accept this wonderful Gospel!

The P-day activity was awesome, we played soccer and ate chori pan! Everyone left pretty content. I forgot this till now but yes I'm still in Marcos Paz with Elder Puentes! We were pretty happy when we were told, we get along good and feel like we are working well together. This transfer is short because President leaves in 4 weeks! Crazy, I'll definitely miss him, he's a great guy.

Love you all! Hope you continue to be happy and be assured that I am happy as well. I love the mission and am so grateful for the wonderful Gospel. It really does offer us all that we could ever need, we are just responsible in accepting the blessings that are waiting for us. Never stop living up to your potential everyday. I know you were all sent here with a purpose, a purpose that sometimes we don't quite understand but one that we need to do all we can to complete. Thanks for all the support, have a great week!

Love love,
Elder Hansen!

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