Monday, May 12, 2014

Training in Marcos Paz with Elder Peuntes

Hey Fam! 
What a blessing it was to be able to talk with you all yesterday! It truly was such a spiritual experience to be able to hear your testimonies and hear of the changes and desires you have to continue growing in this amazing gospel. I love this Gospel. And for the blessings it has given us as a family. They were so evident yesterday as we talked. Just the joy and the look in your faces reflected what we call the pure love of Christ, Charity. I could feel this love for me, and for others as we were able to converse yesterday. Thank you for all, for your examples, your support, and your prayers.

I just wanted to write you guys a quick note of appreciation more than anything. Yesterday I talked about our trip to the temple we had as a ward. It truly was one of the most spiritual moments I have had in my mission. As we were able to enter with a family who has the desire to follow the gospel, be married, baptized, and sealed. I was able to see the spirit work through them. The people here are true examples to me. I am now starting to understand the importance of the temple. I also mentioned about the opportunity we had to do work in the Calgary temple this summer. What a blessing that was. To be able to do the work for our loved ones and to give them the chance to receive the Gospel for their own agency. I love the temple. I encourage you guys to go as often as possible, and whenever you are feeling down and need something. Go there are feel of the love for the Lord. It really would be a good idea to go to the temple one night as a family just to be outside and to talk and share your thoughts. I know the Spirit of the Lord will bless you. I can't wait till Jo and Carter can go in one day. I know that it will change their lives. You two should have this goal in mind and do all you can to achieve it :)

Things are going good here! Not much to say after talking yesterday. Working as hard as possible to help Sandra and her daughters have a memorable baptism this weekend. It's been so amazing to see their progress. Just the other day one of her nephew's told us that before she didn't believe in the "Mormons" and was against our teachings. I have such a strong testimony that anyone who will really search, listen, and pray with an open heart that they will know this is the only true church on the face of the earth.

Today we went to the offices because my companion had to do his paperwork. We took the train at 6 in the morning and it was like world war 3 in there! Way worse then anything I ever experienced in Europe. Maybe a little like Japan? People are so crazy to get to work that they just cram in there till you literally can't move or breath. I had to bring out the hockey side a bit to be able to get in, haha good times.

I have a question. Could you guys send me my lineage de autoridad (line of authority I believe) of my priesthood from Christ down to me. I would love to have it, it's a useful thing to have while teaching the restoration.

I love you guys all so much. Thank you for everything. I always feel like I can't express my true gratitude and feelings, and I felt the same way yesterday. But I hope you guys know and feel the importance you have in my life, I can't express my love for the Gospel. I know it gives us the strength we need to face every challenge. Mom posted a good question, about how we study as missionaries and if I had any advice. One would be to always start and finish with a prayer. To pray for guidance and to receive revelation. But speaking of revelation sometimes its hard to receive it when we are thinking and reading for things in general. If we are looking for a specific answer or need help in a specific area, pray and read to look for an answer. It is amazing the differences that will jump out to your mind and heart.. something you may have read just yesterday, today will make a huge difference. And finally you should take time to write down the things you feel and learn. Sometimes you need to express yourself to understand what you really need to do, and to know what the Lord wants you to do. I really wasn't very good at studying before the mission. But these little things have blessed my life more then I can say. I hope you can also apply them and see if they work for you. 

Love you guys so much. Have a great week! 

All my love from Argentina!
Elder Hansen!

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