Monday, May 5, 2014

Service project with Familia Torres.. me with Antonio.

Elder Valdes mi papi :) and Elder Paredes who was my zone leader in Lujan!!

Hey Fam!!

How grateful I am to read your emails again this week, to be built up by your faith and your testimonies! I love hearing from you guys every week. Looks like you guys had a fantastic week! Thanks so much for the great comments and for the pictures.. and don't worry they don't make the emails slow so you can keep sending them. Love knowing that all is well and that you all are happy. It's crazy how the time flies and how much things change!

I love that photo of Corbin and Zach, looks just the same as before! So crazy. Hope they are adjusting well to the "other life". You will have to give them my best! Hope that the Hall of Fame ceremony was good too! Crazy how some of them have changed. Hope you said hi to everyone for me. Thanks for all the support you have shown me over the years, it has always meant a lot to me!

As for your questions, there isn't a ton to do in Marcos Paz on p'days but today we went to Piza Libre (all you can eat Pizza) and I ate a nice 17 pizzas of pieces and then they kicked us out haha. Don't think they get big people like me there much? haha. Nah they more kicked us out because they were closing. We still play soccer every week here like we did in Lujan, every Friday night. It's great.. we usually get a turn out of about 15 people, sometimes more! My soccer skills have definitely improved a ton.. but Im still not very good haha. The new responsibility as a DL has been good, a lot of work but I have been enjoying it a lot! It's a good opportunity to get to know the missionaries better as well as their investigators. It really is the best way to "lose myself" in the work. I literally don't have any time to think about other stuff but missionary work, and I love it :) I haven't written in my journal for about 2 weeks though.. don't get mad Mother.

This week has been a full one!! And today I don't have much time to write because we went to the offices because my companion has to renew his DNI, which I can't remember in English.. its like your Identification Document or something? haha. So I just waited.. but while I was waiting Elder Valdes showed up and we spent a nice few hours talking and catching up on things.. that guy is such a stud. Always will be gratetful for what he taught me.

This week literally was one of the best I've had in the whole mission :) we saw so many miracles! Yesterday in church we saw an amazing turnout for church, 9 of our investigators showed up. What a blessing. Sandra and her 4 daughters showed up.. and she is continuing her preparations for her baptism on the 17th. She stopped smoking the past week so we are doing all we can to help her continue strong. She wants to get baptized like crazy! So I have the faith she will continue through :) Her daughters Luz, and Naera are also preparing to be baptized as well with her.

This week we went to visit a lady who is less active, she lives in a little house with her husband but all the houses around are family members. As we were talking to her her family members just started to enter the house like crazy. We ended up talking to a ton of them.. and 3 of them went to church as well! I have such a strong testimony about those who are less active and have a testimony of the church. Life never is easy and we have challenges everyday, and it's our responsibility to find and help those who have temporarily lost their way. 

The Familia Torres is still doing good! Still waiting for their Birth Certificates to be able to set a marriage date. It has been quite the wait, and a test of patience.. but we are all learning from it. On Saturday we did a service project with them.. cut down some trees in the house of Juan`s brother. It was a nice time to work hard but enjoy with them. The best part of the mission is the friendships that we are able to build, friendships based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I really don't have much time, but I want you all to know how much I love you and care about everyone of you. I love being able to represent my Savior everyday. But I also never forget the other name I carry.. our name. I love being able to be a missionary and do all I can to make you guys proud and to bring the happiness we have to others. The unity we have as a family has always given me the desire to share the Gospel with others and help them one day receive all the blessings they deserve. I hope that you guys continue to make the best of everyday, and continue to be examples to all that are with you! You are such a blessing to me. I can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces in 1 week! But until them.. it's time to get to work :)

With all my Love,
Elder Hansen!

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