Monday, February 3, 2014

Hey Fam!

First off Happy late Birthday Mother!! I can't believe you finally made it over the hill.. I'm sure 40 will treat you good. I hope that this year will be the best one yet. I love you so much and am so grateful for your love and all you do for me. You have been such an example of hard work and dedication, especially in the church. Your conversion has really helped me through the years, and I can't express my love enough for all that you do for me!

Thank you so much for the letters this week. They are always filled with love and are just what I need every week. The weeks and days really are starting to fly by so fast, seems like just yesterday I wrote you guys. Sounds like things were intense in sports this weekend! The glory days eh. You guys will have nothing to do once Carter finishes high school sports. Better enjoy all that running around while you can haha. New Kitchen table! Wow chettos :) Thats awesome I look forward to seeing a picture!

I totally forgot to take a picture of our bikes, but this week I'll try. By the sound of it you guys saw a picture of them though? Possibly on the blog? They definitely are nice, we can visit a lot more people and use our time better. We can't ride on dirt roads for various reasons. Partly is to maintain the bikes so they don't get destroyed, and also because the dirt roads here aren't like they are in Magrath. They have a ton of pot holes and ruts, I feel like there would be a lot of accidents. I have still avoided getting in my first crash, I'm hoping I can avoid it a little while longer.

Mom for your questions.. no I never received those socks that you sent. I think they were in the other package that still hasn't arrived.. haha maybe one day. In that package was the tree and the ornaments, candy, hair gel, and I can't remember what else. Yes we excercise every morning from 6:30 to 7:00. With Elder Valdes we played soccer a bit cause he had a ball. With Elder Toledo we usually just do push ups, sit ups, and stretches. We don't have anything to use for excercises so we just make the best of what we have. The other day we went to a pharmacia and there was a scale.. Im 92 kilos which I believe is like 202 pounds? Only down about 4 pounds.. I think I just have lost all my muscle and its all going to my stomach.. getting a bit of a belly haha.

This week in Lujan was great.. we were able to see some success as well as some hardships. We had 2 investigators that wanted to get baptized a lot.. went to church last week and everything. And both within 2 days when we visited told us they didn't have the desire anymore. One had a dream that she shouldn't be baptized, and the other had a little misunderstanding in the church as far as tithing. It really is crazy the ways Satan attacks the people that are searching for the church. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating but I know that everyone has their agency, we just have to do all we can to help them. We had really spiritual lessons with both of them after they had changed their minds and now both are considering baptism again. It's amazing how a person can change so quickly. I have learned in the mission to expect everything.. you really never know what's going to happen. But I have also learned how important faith is. We don't know the Lord's time, and there's nothing we can do to change it. He knows when these people are going to accept or not accept the Gospel, we just have to always do our part to invite them. The Lord's will is the most important thing in the mission. Sometimes it is hard to understand because as missionaries we always want success. But as we really humble ourselves we learn the importance of doing His will in all moments, and that is when we can really help His children be happy.

This Sunday was a day that was so spiritual for us. A kid named F•••••••• was able to attend church with us. He is 18 years old, and his mother has been a member for many years. She told us that she "isn't ready" to come back to the church.. she has been inactive for about 10 years. But we had a great lesson with him on Friday and he really wanted to come with us on Sunday. Yesterday in the morning it was pouring rain all morning, we went to his house and when we clapped our hands we woke him up. His mom didn't want him to leave the house and come in the rain. We could hear their conversation from outside.. but he told his mom "I want to go". It was cool to see his will. We went to the church with him and he had a great time, was able to participate in the classes and all. Fast and testimony meeting was such a spiritual experience as well. There was a family in our ward that was sealed in the temple on Friday, and the mom bore her testimony. It was amazing. It really was a meeting that was very special, with some tears from a lot of people. You could feel the spirit so strong. I'm so grateful for the Spirit and it's role it has in our lives and in our conversions. I know without it we couldn't know and believe the things we do. I hope that we will all be able to continue to strength our testimonies everyday.. and share them every opportunity we have. I know the church is true, and know that if we live good lives and follow our Savior that we can live together forever. There is no greater blessing then this. And there is nothing more special then the opportunity I have to testify of these things every single day. I love it.

I love you all. I pray for you everyday. I admire you diligence in all the things you do. I love reading the Book of Mormon and I'm so happy you are reading it with me, I know you'll be blessed for it. Have a great week. Always remember I love you and am praying for you in every moment.

Elder, Hansen.

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