Monday, January 27, 2014

Little mishap with my clippers. It will grow back!

After a long bike ride. New bike in the background.

Hola Familia!
What another quick week it has been here in Lujan. The days and the weeks are starting to go by so fast. Can't believe that we are almost in February, its wild. Before I know it i'll be turning 21! Old hey! It seems like there is less and less time every week to do the work necessary, but I believe that is a good sign that I am starting to enjoy the work and the mission more. I remember at the start when the days and weeks seemed like years.. especially when I couldn't understand anything that was going on. But as the language and my love for the people and Savior improve, everything is fantastic. I really can't complain at all! 

Thank you for the letters! Sounds like a great week back in Magrath with lots of things new and exciting! About time that the school is going to change, and that is awesome about Carter's tournament! Sounds like he is still quite the stud. Makes me look bad haha. And I can't believe how big Jaxon is! What a big man, haha he is awesome. 

We had a great week here in Lujan! Last Monday on our pday we went out to a airplane park with the Alvarez family. There was a playground, soccer field, and just a big field with some airplanes. It reminded me a ton of southern Alberta! Just big and open. We were able to enjoy some time playing soccer and hanging out. There was also a ton of peacocks there! We enjoyed about 15 minutes trying to get pictures with them and their feathers fluffed up haha.

Last monday we also received bikes! So now we are rocking some sweet beach cruisers! They aren't exactly beach cruisers.. but they are just one speed bicycles, I'll be sure to send you a picture next week. They definitely make it a lot easier to visit people. We can do a lot more with our time now. The only problem is we can't ride them on dirt streets.. which is like every other street. So we have to find the best routes to every place on the cement streets haha. The other night we had about half hour left and we wanted to visit one more family before we finished the day.. so we were riding our bikes as fast as we could. There was about 5 dogs fighting on the side of the road, and the moment that I was about to pass them of course they all bolted across the road. I ended up hitting one of the dogs hard with my bike.. which nearly sent me flying over my handlebars! It was crazy. But luckily the dog.. and me, survived with no harm. That was definitely my thrill for the week!

Oh one more. I sent you a picture of my hair. Bad I know. I wanted to cut my hair the past pday, and I have done it before myself. So I had the guard on the razor, but I took it off to clean the razor before I used it. And in my moment of forgetfullness, I didn't put the guard back on, and I cut my hair practically bald! It was so bad, we had a good laugh. But with a little help of my companion we were able to fix it all haha.

We were also able to see a lot more success this week than we have been having. We have been praying a lot to really know what to do, and how to find people. There are always ways to find people to teach, but I have really learned how important it is to find them the Lord's way. We had the feeling to start looking for all the inactive families in our area. We were able to find 3 or 4 really good families, who had some troubles within the church or in their lives. It is sometimes hard to see the things people get offended over, things so little. As you sent me from the talk of President McMahon last weekend, there are many excuses to leave the church. We as humans are so imperfect, but really our relation with God is so much more important than 1 or 2 problems we may have with members. We need to look past these little imperfections and see the perfection in God, and in the church. As we learn from Mosiah, those who have the truth and "intentionally sin" will in reality be judged much harder then those who do not have it. It really is a grand responsibility as missionaries, and as members to help these people come back to the church and renew their promises with God.

We have been teaching an older lady named Susanna who really wanted to come to the church this week, she also has the desire to be baptized as well! We planned for a member to come pick her up on Sunday.. but the member wasn't able to. So we were there at her house without a car, and in reality I thought she was going to say she didn't want to go anymore. But she just said "No problem I'll walk!". It was awesome. A lady 70 years old walked about 15 minutes to the church because she had such a strong desire to go! It was awesome to see the desire and willingness she had as we walked slowly with her to the church. It really taught me there are no excuses not to go to church. It's necessary every week!

I'm so excited you have decided to read the Book of Mormon with us! It is awesome, I love reading it. I finished reading it from when I started the mission, and now I'm reading it again.. but the truth is every time I read I find something new and great! It's such a special book and I know you will be blessed a ton as you read it. I challenge Jordan and Carter to read it too :) If you can't keep up with the schedule we are on, at least read a little bit everyday. I can guarantee you it will help with the smallest to the biggest things in your lives!

I love you all. I pray for you everyday. Keep working hard, being examples, and following the life of our Savior and I know you will always find the happiness you deserve! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Hansen.

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