Monday, February 24, 2014

District Activity last pday, we played soccer and I repped my country Argentina! 

Hey Hansen Clan!

What an exciting week back in Canada! I can't lie I gave a pretty hard fist pump when I read that Canada won the gold medal in both the women's and the men's hockey! How exciting. I'm a proud Canadian haha. Sounds like lots of good things happened this week, I'm glad to hear that you are all healthy and happy and busy as ever. Lots of good times in good old Magrath. 

Those rings are awesome! You will have to keep it nice and polished for me. I did remember Russ' birthday and was able to write him a quick note the other day. You will have to tell Lillie congrats from me! That is so awesome, and thank you for the photos! Always nice to see some familiar faces!

You will never believe what showed up the other week. My other package from Christmas! Haha talked about delayed mail.. but after all hope was lost it showed up, just a solid 3 months late. But I was able to open it today and thank you for all of the gifts and the candy! They will definitely be enjoyed. I know the kids here in Argentina will love the little Canada souveiners (I don't remember how to spell that word) the kids here are also so grateful for those little gifts.

We had a great week here in Lujan. Another hard one, but it was definitely good. On Wednesday we had the greatest Family Home Evening with the Familia Alvarez. They invited 2 of their cousins who are investigating the church, and together we all watched the Restoration of Joseph Smith, and then after we had a lesson about it. It was such an amazingly spiritual lesson. After we invited them all to pray about it, the family that is members, and their cousins as well. We also committed them to pray about it to ask if it is true, and really did happen. I can tell you I have a testimony of the Restoration, but that night I prayed and the most amazing thing happened. I literally felt like their was something growing inside my chest. Usually the answers come through small things, but this what a big outward experience. It reminded me a lot of the scripture in Alma 32:27-28.. the one you shared in your Christmas letter mom. About how we need to experiment on the word, and if it is good and we allow it, it will grow like a seed. I can tell you that I literally felt like a seed was growing inside of my heart. It was such an overwhelming, peaceful feeling, and I truly do know that Joseph Smith restored the church.

On Saturday we had the chance to have an open chapel in the other church here in Lujan. A senior companionship travelled quite a distance and brought a ton of things. So them, and the missionaries here in Lujan (10 of us) with the help of the members put on this open chapel. It was a presentation of the church and the different classes and things we do, and about our beliefs. About a 30 minute presentation. We had invited a lot of people to come, and during the presentations we were out in the street inviting people right there to come in and listen. We had a lot of success! There were about 8 different sessions, each with quite a few members and non members. It was cool to be able to help people get to know the church better, and then invite them to recieve the missionaries in their houses. If you go to (not sure if its or org.arg) but it's for argentina.. and you can see some pictures that they are going to post! 

The mission definitely is up and down in it's moments. But I really have never had a moment to complain or be sad. But one of the hardest things of the mission is people that recieve answers, or feel the spirit, and then deny it. It's so hard to watch. We had 2 baptisms planned for the past Saturday. Both people who had recieved answers that the church is true, and then denyed it. There really isn't anything sadder or harder to watch as a missionary. As we try to bring salvation to these people, and do all we can to help them we build such a strong bond with them. As they grow in the church and their testimonies strengthen, it's amazing to see the change of heart they have. But they always have their agency, and it's hard to see them turn away from these promptings and feelings because of influences.

I have learned how small these promptings are from the Holy Ghost, and how important it is that we are always listening and living worthy to receive them. I know that these small promptings really can change our lives, and give us all the guidance and direction we need in our lives. As we learn to listen and understand them, the Lord will lead us down the path he knows is best for us! I pray that we will always ask the Lord for what he knows is best for us, and not what we want. And I know if we do this he will reveal his will for us.

We have transfers on Wednesday. I have the feeling that I have spent my time here in Lujan, but you never know. I am excited for whatever may happen and look forward to making the best of whatever the Lord has planned for me. I love you all, keep being examples to all those around you. You are an amazing example to me every day.

Love, Elder Hansen

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