Monday, February 10, 2014

We have had a ton of rain! Walmart parking lot is completely flooded. The River is behind the trees in the back of the photo, but right now the river is up about 4 meters! Also my ballin' bicycle haha.

A member of the church gave me this awesome Argentina jersey. So nice of him. Also a photo so you can see that I'm eating a ton still haha. Ice cream and donuts, delicious.

this is my after hair.. a little bit better than the original.. but now it's completely normal again haha

Hey fam! 

What a great week you have all had in Canada. Sounds like things are as awesome as usual. I am always happy to here that you guys are happy. It really is the thing that brings the most peace to my mind every time we talk. There is nothing greater then the family and I'm so grateful for you all. Keep enjoying every moment of your lives!

I am blown away by the picture of Carter playing volleyball. What a stud. Sounds like his basketball and volleyball teams are both doing great and having lots of success. I am a proud brother and I love to show photos of him to the other missionaries here haha. I can't believe the olympics started as well. I walked into a members house and they were watching it the other day. I will be rooting for Canada from down here in Argentina! Thank you for all of the updates.

My health is still good. I feel better and more comfortable with the weather and food everyday. I had a pretty bad ingrown toe nail before, but now that we have bikes and do a lot of riding it is better. Definitely not used to walking a ton and my feet took a bit of a beating, but it has never been anything unbearable. And yes we carry a lock with us all the time. Its pretty dangerous when we are go downtown. We have to lock them up every time we enter a building.

Man this week we were riding in the train and we saw the craziest thing. When the train starts to move the doors close, but one kid was holding the door open.. which isn't unusual so we didn't think anything of it. But once the train started to move slowly his friend ran by and stole this lady's giant touch screen phone.. then him and his friend holding the door open jumped out of the moving train onto the platform. The lady ran after them but the door slammed on her arm.. She grabbed the kids leg and he fell hard, but he got up and ran away and the lady pulled her arm out of the door and it closed and she couldn't open it anymore.. so the kids got away with her phone. Crazy hey! Kinda like those days in Europe. Argentina is crazy but I love it. Little adventure story for ya

Sounds like you guys are a bit sick of the weather up there hey? It's crazy the difference of climate we are experiencing. Lately we have been experiencing a ton of rain, which makes it even more hot and humid after. I have been sweating a ton, I think I have lost a couple pounds haha. But with all the rain has come many disasters for our investigators and the people here in Lujan. As you know many of them live in very humble conditions, with walls of bricks and their floors are often dirt. With all the rain their houses are in very bad condition. All of their stuff is muddy and wet, and a few of the houses have about a foot of water inside! It's so sad. We are planning to do a lot of service projects this week with our branch to help those people that need help. It's so sad to see, but It's amazing the way they deal with their problems. They never forget to thank the Lord for what they have. It makes me think just how privileged we are, and for the moments that I took what I had for granted. I hope that we can always be grateful for the many blessings that we have in our lives.

We had a great week here in Lujan. And we were able to find many people prepared to receive the Gospel. It was awesome to see the Lord's hand in the work and really see the blessings and miracles when we work diligently and be obedient in all the little things. We had an amazing miracle with Susanna this week. We had such an amazingly spiritual lesson with her on Saturday night and she ended up going to church on Sunday. She now has a desire to be baptized again on the 21st of this month. So if you could pray for her I would greatly appreciate it.

We also met a lady and her son, who have many problems with their relationship. As we have been working with them we have seen how the Gospel really does help in every little thing. They both ended up coming to church yesterday, and it was awesome to see them sitting their together. Outside of the church they had very little unity, so it was awesome to see them spend that sacred time together in the church.

The greatest miracle of the week was Federico. The change that we have been able to see in this kid is absolutely amazing. And I am extremely humbled by his desire, and by the spirit he now has. On Wednesday night he started his papers to go on a mission!! How amazing is that! I seriously couldn't believe it when I heard, and I was on the verge of tears. I am so proud of this kid, and there would be no greater privilege then seeing someone change their live completely and then go and serve and help others. I am so grateful the Lord has given me the opportunity to be apart of his life.

I love you guys all so much. This week has been amazing. Every week the Spanish gets better, and the time goes by faster. There really isn't enough time to do the work. I love the mission and all the things I am able to experience. The good and the bad. I know the church is true and blesses us in every aspect of our life. Keep being active in the church and your callings and I know that you will only become happier. Right now we are heading out to fish with Presidente Peralta and the young men of the branch! I'm stoked.
I love you all, have the greatest week!

Love, Elder Hansen.

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