Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elder Digovanni (of the seventy) and his wife in their classic Bethlehem costumes!

This is a picture of what the gym was like!

Us with Modesto, he didn't quite get the Bethlehem theme but he sure was rockin that outfit!

With my good pal Mateo

Mateo, Facundo, and Agustin and I in front of their Christmas tree! Such capos.

Hey everyone, 

Thanks so much for the great letters! Sounds like things have been good back home between sports and mom kicking back on the beach. I think I may have explained things wrong but I am still in the offices.. it's next Wednesday the 17th that we have changes. So that's when we will see what happens! I'm pretty nervous but also super excited, it's gonna be awesome! Time to get to work :)

Things are crazy as ever here in the office haha, finishing up the plans for the changes. We have 26 missionaries leaving and about 22 coming so that's a ton of work and a lot of trips to the airport. We also are having that Christmas party next Wednesday. I feel like mom. I have been doing some serious shopping these past couple days trying to by stuff for 240 missionaries! Oh the things that one learns on the mission, priceless! I am def gonna miss it here but It's going to be great to be out in the field, I started packing my bags today so it started to feel real haha.

Well this week has flown by again and I just want to share two miracles that we saw this week :)  We started our fast last Sunday after church, and we fasted simply to help someone progress towards baptism, and just as we left the room where we were praying a guy walked in the church. He was wearing normal clothes and had his motorbike turned on outside, but he came right up to us and asked if we were the Elders here in Caseros. As we continued to talk he told us that he used to listen to the missionaries about 2 – 3 months ago when he lived in a different area, but about 2 months ago he had separated from his girlfriend and came to Caseros. He then told us he had felt the need to talk to the missionaries and went looking for the church. When he found us! He actually lives in another area so we passed his address on to other missionaries but we are hoping he will progress with them! 

Also last Sunday we were walking down the street when we walked by a fence with the gate open. As we walked by, their dog started running behind us, so the owner came running after the dog. As he got closer to us he said to Elder Moore in English “Hey, how are you? Where are you from, Utah? Or Smith city?” When he said that Elder Moore kinda laughed, but then quickly asked him how he knew about Joseph Smith, which led to a conversation, and then we went back and met his family! They are super cool. Married, have 2 little kids and are so nice. He came with us to the church on Thursday to play soccer which was unreal! And we are going to pass by their house tonight to try to have a lesson with them. They are great, we are hoping they will come to church tomorrow! Crazy how the dog just happened to come running behind us. Some may call it coincidence.. but I have learned just how perfect the Lord´s plan is and how he uses every situation to give us chances to share the Gospel.

Last night we had our Ward Christmas Party which was the highlight of the week! There was a lot of less active families and non members that attended which was super awesome, we met a lot of great people. I think there were over 100 people that showed up, pretty awesome! We are definitely going to use this to work with the members to find new people to teach. The activity was based around Bethlehem. It was all decorated with antique looking stands which each of the different organizations did. So everyone came to the activity dressed up like they did back in the day, it was pretty cool! I will be sure to attach some pictures below. I love this ward, the people definitely have a special place in my heart and I am going to miss them a ton. We also got to stay out till 10:15 so that was pretty crazy. haha.

Well fam I hope you guys are doing great! Lots to do today but the next time I will be writing you will probably be Monday the 22nd. 3 days before Christmas! So crazy. Love you guys so much, thanks for being such amazing examples to me. You have really helped me so much through my life and I am grateful from all my heart for all you have done.

Have a good week, bring on the snow in Argentina! I wish...
Love, Elder Hansen.

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