Saturday, August 2, 2014

Elder Flores and I having pizza at the Llerena home 

With the Familia Llerena

A few old friends reunited. Me, Elder Dunn, Elder Fristrup, Elder Paredes.

Life in the Office

Hola Fam!

Thanks for the letters this week! Sounds like things are going great up there in Canada! Glad to hear that Magrath Days were as great as ever. Crazy that it has almost been a year since I've been out here. The time sure does fly by so fast! Always comforting to hear that things are well and that you guys aren't working too hard or anything :) haha. What summer is all about right?

That is sweet that the Familia Llerena got in contact with you guys the other day! We are the first Elder missionaries to be in the ward in about a year and a half so they were pretty excited to have us over the other day... we had a great Family Home Evening, ate some pizza and played some games. I felt super awkward when they were taking videos and pictures haha pero bueno, They are a sweet family and I'm glad you were able to get in touch with them! Looks like you guys will have to learn Spanish to be able to communicate with the people down here :)

I officially got my drivers license! And the first thing I can say is WOW. If you think riding on a rollercoaster is an adrenaline rush, you need to try driving standard truck down here in Argentina! haha. It's a little different than driving my little Ford Focus automatic in Magrath. I was pretty bad the other day trying to drive stick shift again, but I am thankful that dad was patient enough to teach me. The people here seriously drive crazy, but they are so good at driving. They can literally fit through any tiny little space, which forces me to do the same thing. It definitely has been an interesting time learning to drive here in the city!

That's sweet that Elder Healey will be coming to the mission. I saw a couple weeks ago that there will be a Canadian coming and have been trying to get his stuff ready to go. I will happily look forward to receiving the package as well. Usually just the Assistants go to pick up the missionaries with the President and his wife. But I will see him soon enough. The other day I did kind of mix up. I said there were 5 secretaries, 2 Assistants, and 8 living in the apartment. It's because there are only 5 secretary positions, but one is training a new secretary and will be leaving next transfer.. so for now there are 6 secretaries.

Things have continued to be good here in the offices. The Ashton's (our trainers) have officially left back to their area in the mission field so we are alone now! It is a little bit scary but so far we have managed to get by! There is a lot to do and a lot to learn but it has been a good learning experience. There is a lot of interesting things that I have been able to learn through this great calling.

The things in the mission field are good as well. We are trying right now to just gain the trust of the members and show them that we are here to serve them! Sometimes its hard as an office missionary because we aren't in the field working a ton, but we want them to know that working there is our first priority! And it really is. During the day we have lots to do in the office but we are always waiting to get out there and hit the street :) There really is nothing greater than being able to preach the Gospel to others.

The other day we left with a young kid named Rolando (17 years old) to do a few visits. It is awesome to have such great members and youth who are willing to help us and visit our investigators. It really is the key to mission work. When the members and the missionaries work together is when we see the people investigating have a true conversion. Because not only are they able to learn about Christ, but they are able to make true life long friends with the members. I was just thinking about this the other day.. and the sacred responsibility and blessing we have to be that friend and guide to others. When I think of the strongest converts I know, I think of the great people that are there helping them every step along the way. We don't realize sometimes just how big of a step it is, but we know it is one that is life changing. I admire so much those converts all over the world, for their true faith. Their faith to trust in something sometimes they know nothing about, but can feel the truth in their hearts. And one of the biggest examples of this is you mom. How grateful I am for you and for your desire, and for dad's desire to help you every step of the way.

I have no doubt in my mind that this is the true church of God. We are so blessed I can't even explain it. I know the our Savior lives and that his love is greater then we can comprehend, and that through him all is possible. The other day I was watching a mormon message called "look to the light" and it really touched my heart. Just knowing that whatever we pass through, or whatever goes on in our life that the Lord is their with us. If we seek him, he will bless us.

I hope all the best for you guys. Never forget the love that I have for you, and know that everyday I pray with all my heart for you.

With all my love,
Elder Hansen.

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