Sunday, August 10, 2014

At Hermana Robertsons birthday this week. So we took this picture and wrote her a little birthday card! These are all the Elders that are in the offices right now.

At a lunch we had with our Stake President and his family the other day. It was the Assistants, the Zone Leaders, and us. It was great! They are called the Familia Catron!

Hey Fam!

Thanks so much for the great letters! Sounds like you guys had an amazing week. I always remember the Echo Lake week as the best week of the year! Glad you guys were able to enjoy it and make the best of your time with family and friends! There is nothing better. Pumped to hear that you guys all got out there and hit up the water sports! Just a bunch of studs. We are so blessed to have such great friends. Give them all my love! So when you say the luge course at Olympic Park what does this entail? What do you go down on? Sounds like a ton of fun!
I showed the pic of Jocelyn's foot to everyone here in the office.. well more like they were around when I opened it up. That is so crazy! Give her my best, hope she is doing better. I will be sure to keep her in my prayers.
It has been a great week here in the Offices. To answer your question dad we speak some pretty serious Spanglish (Spanish and English mixed) here in the offices. Its super weird. We just will change in mid sentence or just say a couple english words here and there. There is just a bunch of different words up there in our minds, it's pretty funny. But we try to speak in Spanish so we don't lose it all. A lot of what I do is organize the paperwork that the people have to do. To be able to live here legally you need to receive a special identification card. To get it a person needs an FBI check in their country and in Argentina, a Carta de Culto (which is like a special paper that says they are certified to preach the gospel in a foreign country) and then they need to declare where they will be living during their time in Argentina. So between all these things I am pretty busy. I have to plan the appointments and set up all the different information with the different registros (not sure that word in English). It's a lot of work because the missionaries have to do paperwork every single year so I have to do all the new missionaries and then the ones who have 1 year in the mission. I don't really know what else to share about this. It's just a different world haha. My first day here we had a little staff meeting and the Assistants and old secretaries were talking about how they have learned how to do just about everything here in the office so if we need help just to ask them. Then one of them looked over at me and said, except your job.. nobody has a clue how to do it haha. It's not like it's that hard, it's just not something very common.
This week we saw a huge miracle in our area. Their is a less active family that we visited about a week ago.. the Cruz Family. They are pretty awesome. There is the mom, and her 2 sons who are members but about 3 other kids that aren't. She was telling us that her other sons weren't really super interested in the Gospel or the church, but we continued to pass by to see if they would listen to us. The one day one of the non member sons Gaston answered the door, and we later on ended up teaching him and he received us super well! I guess about 3 years ago he was going to get married and baptized but he suffered a serious accident and lost half of his leg. Super sad. He now has a prosthetic leg that he can take on and off. As he was telling us about this accident he started to talk about how he learned to trust in God and never doubt why things happen. This really made me look back on my life. Sometimes when something small has happened, or happens I think "why me?". I think we all think this sometimes. But he really did teach me this day that something that serious can happen and we can still be grateful for all that we have been given. That no matter what we pass through we can look on the bright side. It hasn't been easy for him. Since his accident him and his wife have got separated, and now he only sees his 2 kids every other week. It was amazing to see his testimony and see just how much he has learned from his hardships. Our trials really are what make the difference in our lives. We can let them beat us up and make excuses, or we can overcome them and learn what our Heavenly Father wants us to learn. He ended up inviting him to be baptized and he accepted! He says about 1 months ago he started to realize and feel that he needed something more in his life, and he stopped drinking because of this feeling. It is amazing to see the amazingly prepared people that the Lord puts in our paths. Not only as missionaries, but as worthy members of the church. He still has many challenges but he is super excited to come to church with us tomorrow!
It has been a great week! I am super happy and enjoying life here in the office a lot. It has taken a lot of adjustment. Mostly because before in the mission one is used to spiritual experiences and just being filled with the Spirit at all times. In the office I have learned just how sacred my study time is in the morning.. it's more like the life outside the mission. We may only have a little time to study the scriptures, and then we are out in the world with temptations. But if we honestly study with real intent and pay attention to what the Lord is telling us we will have the strength and the guidance we need everyday. I hope you guys feel this. I hope you guys cherish time together, and alone studying the scriptures and getting closer to your Heavenly Father. I can testify without doubt that this relationship can make all the difference in our lives. It has changed mine.

I hope you guys have a great week. Say hi to the Schmidt family for me and give them all my best!
Always praying and thinking about you!

Love, Elder Hansen.

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