Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elder Webster and me. He's one of the Assistants. We live 8 in one apartment.. it's a good time. We wake up early at 6 almost every day to play soccer.. explains my nice hair.

My new desk!

Hey All!

Just sending out my quick little weekly letter to let you know that I love you all! Hope that all is well. Don't worry about not writing me this week family I'm not offended. Haha just teasing. You may be asking why I am writing on Saturday.. my picture will explain why.

On Monday night I got a call from my Zone Leaders. I thought it was just going to be another routine call asking me how things were going and the nightly information. But they went onto explain that I was being "flash transferred". It is when you are changed areas in the middle of a transfer without any warning. So they told me I had to be in the Offices at 11 the next morning. Boy was I shocked! I never saw that coming. So I called a couple people and said goodbye, packed up, and then headed to the Offices.. very nervous. So then when I got there I had an interview with President Robertson.. and he gave me the new calling as Secretary of Formalities (I believe that's how you say it in English) it's tramites in Spanish. So that means I am now here working in the Offices! It's crazy.. I never saw it coming or expected to be working here.

It's pretty fun though. You remember how the Flia Torres has been waiting over 4 months to get their paperwork to get married? Well I was joking with my Elder Maragaño the other day about how I am probably the worst person in the world when it comes to that kind of stuff. I also shared in my talk last Sunday how the church is so great at putting us out of our comfort zone, and with this we are caused to grow, learn, and reach our potential. With saying these 2 things I think the Lord wanted to call me to this position haha. What I do is I am in charge of all the missionaries paperwork as far as religious visas, FBI clearances, passports, and their rights to live in the country. It's a lot of work and I am a little bit lost! haha. But I have the greatest grandmother. We call our trainer (first companion) in the mission our father.. but know I have Sister Ashton training me. She is one of the couple missionaries here in the mission. So she is great, helping me get along through the tough new struggles of learning how to work with all the things necessary to be able to serve a mission. I never knew it was so hard! And never really appreciated the service that went on behind the scenes until now.

The husband of Sister Ashton is training my new companion Elder Flores! He is he secretary of finances. He is awesome. He has about 7 months in the mission now and is also from Canada! He was born in Peru and lived their for 6 years, but then moved to Montreal and lived their all his life. So he speaks Spanish, French, and English. Pretty crazy eh. I want him to teach me French so I can be a true Canadian. He was in the CCM with Makenzie as well! I don't have any pictures right now but I will try to send one to you a little later if I can!

So ya, that is the life. I am now here in the offices. President Robertson is trying to change things a little bit to make things run smoother. Before it was 2 assistants, 2 secretaries that were in charge of 250 missionaries. They were usually soo busy and didn't leave to proselyte until about 5 or 5:30 everyday, sometimes later. Now we have 2 assistants still, but 5 secretaries. He wants that we are able to leave here between 3 or 4 everyday to be able to work in the offices but still be able to proselyte and teach people this amazing Gospel!

To top it all off as well Elder Flores and I are opening up a new area. So we have quite a pile of things to do but it is great. We don't really know anyone too well yet but we are getting to work as fast as possible. We don't want to use the fact that we are in the offices as an excuse not to baptize. It's definitely tough to balance the 2 but we will learn as we go. We do have this member in our area called Modesto. He was just baptized a few months ago and he is unreal. He is super humble and just loves to do visits with us. I can't even explain it with words. He literally touches my heart so much. He is a little bit slower, but his desire to help others is incredible. It has strengthened my testimony so much. It is not the things of the world that make one rich, but it really is the desires of their heart. We are all born with different weaknesses and strengths, but we can always choose to help others and make a difference. That is what it is all about.

I pray with all my heart that you guys too can develop a strong testimony of this. That the Lord has put you where you are, with your strengths and weaknesses for a reason and that you do have the ability to touch the lives of so many. I know this with all my heart. I love you guys a ton and thank you for everything. Hope to hear from you soon.. and yes from now on I will be writing every Saturday so please don't want till Sunday to email me :) haha love you guys a ton! Have a great week!

Love Elder Hansen

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  1. Yeah for Elder Hansen! He's an amazing missionary, we know it and his Mission President knows it!! You must be so proud of him....