Monday, July 14, 2014

 Sittin by the window last night in my Argentina jersey listening to the people scream haha! 

Dallin left, Dallas right.. The sons of Presidente and Hermana Robertson!

Hola Fam!

Thanks so much for the letters this week! Sounds like you guys are just being lake bums as usual. How great! The lake is always the greatest, just for the company that is always their. We are definitely blessed to have such great family friends! Hope they are all doing good, give them all my best :)

That's a bummer Carter didn't make the team. I know it's tough. It has happened to me before and it's never easy. Just be happy that you did your best and left it all out there :) and know that everything happens for a reason. I'm sure the Lord has something amazing planned for your brother! Keep your head up!

Things are good here in Argentina! We had a crazy week with World Cup. And crazy is a light way to put it. The people here are so passionate about their soccer it's wild.. and it's usually the Women more then the Men! haha. The game on Wednesday was pretty unreal, it was super intense and I felt Argentine during the game. I was super nervous! Every time Netherlands had the ball I had butterflies in my stomach. Just like when Canada played USA in hockey. I definitely never though I'd see the day but I loved it, and we were so excited that we won!! I have a pretty funny video. We were with the Flia Torres (7 people) Gustavo, and then us. And when they won everyone started screaming and cheering.. and outside was just as crazy haha. Fireworks, and people honking their horns everywhere. I was pretty sad yesterday they lost, but they gave it a good run and everyone here is pretty happy with how it went.

We finally got to meet President Robertson and his family last week! They are so awesome, I love them so much already. They have a pretty special family. We had a little reunion and they showed us pictures of their family and told us a little bit about their history. They have 3 kids here (Nicole, Dallas, and Dallin) so its a pretty fun time. It has an awesome family feel to the mission with the little kids. In my picture I'm with Dallas (15) and Dallin (9) haha and they are such studs! We had a good hour just talking. They all speak great Spanish because they lived in Guatemala and Peru. Reminded me of talking to Carter! The Hna and Presidente are awesome as well. I was able to have a little interview with President to get to know him and let him know about me and my life. He definitely has a great testimony and desire to help and love others. There have been a few changes happening throughout the mission with a new President but they are good! Definitely interesting to see a new way to work but I know that he is a man inspired by God and that the small changes are for the better!

Yesterday I gave a talk in Sacrament. I talked about how we the people of Argentina should be proud of who we are (yes I included myself in there) haha.. and be proud of our legacy. Talked a little about World Cup, and then about the history of Argentina with missionary work. I think it went well. It was I think the 1st time I have been told before the sacrament meeting that they wanted me to talk.. and saying that it was in a text at about 10:00 Saturday night. I wish they wouldn't have told me anything. haha, I think I was more nervous having to prepare what I wanted to talk about than if I just had to get up and talk! But it was good.

Elder Maragaño is a stud! Things are going good in his training and he has been progressing a lot. Its been incredible to see the big changes and improvements he has made in just a little time. Now he is actively involved in all the lessons and sharing scriptures. It has been a tough process for me trying to balance out the things that need to be done and the different responsibilities but I wouldn't have it any other way. Have felt the presence of the Lord a ton in my life.

Hope you guys are doing good! And that you don't have too much fun this summer.. just don't forget to read and pray :) haha. Know that those 2 things will make the days have so much more joy! Wish you all the best here from Argentina.

Love, Elder Hansen!

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