Monday, March 24, 2014

Sebastian got baptized!! What a stud. Such a great day! He's the tall one beside my comp. The other guy is Hermano Pabon

 Zone Conference lunch in Marcos Paz

 Zone Conference in Marcos Paz

Hey Family!

Thank your for the amazing emails and for the letters that arrived in my Birthday package. I am so blessed to have such an amazing, loving family. I definitely always feel your love and support, and am grateful for everything you do for me. I had a great birthday, was able to just relax and hang out. The other missionaries that live close to us came over and we baked some home made pizzas. Nowhere else I'd rather be to spend the birthday!

Sounds like a crazy week back home! Mixed with provincials and a ton of snow. Sounds like dad will have to patiently wait a couple more weeks to hit the links. Carter better be out there taking my spot this year! haha. I'm glad to hear that all is well and that you guys had a good week. I always love to hear from you all. Give everyone my love.

I have started to settle into Marcos Paz very well. I am getting more used to working with Elder Muñoz everyday. Sometimes the chemistry or unity isn't there when you first get a new comp, but I feel like we work well together. We usually just talk in English when it's just us. and then just have to switch to Spanish when we start speaking with others. I've been able to learn how to switch my mind and my thinking from English to Spanish, then Spanish to English. It's kinda cool haha. I think the more I learn Spanish, the less I actually know, but it's been coming along pretty good! I now feel pretty comfortable, but there is still the odd struggle.

Our new pension is actually HUGE. Well compared to our other one. because it used to be a pension for 4 missionaries. We have a big bedroom, kitchen, study room, bathroom, and a spare luggage / weight room (with the 2 weights we have haha). Its super nice though. Starting to get a bit chilly in the nights here though, winter is definitely coming! We don't have bikes, we could definitely use them because our area is gigantic, but we will see.

We had a pretty good week here. First off Sebastian got Baptized! It was such an awesome day. I'm not gonna lie I was definitely a little preoccupied about him the entire week, just because all that has gone on in his life. But it was amazing to see his desire as he was able to quit smoking in order to be baptized. Then on Sunday he had a meeting at 8 in the morning, and showed up nice and early, and later on was able to be confirmed a member and receive the Holy Ghost! What a blessing it has been to work with him. We have formed a great relationship with him. He turned 21 just 2 weeks before I did, so having the same age as Elder Muñoz and me we definitely have a good relationship! We always play soccer with him. We are now working with him to help him receive the priesthood and go to the temple.. and hopefully one day serve a mission! He has said it is something he would like to do but isn't sure. It really is such a privilege to be able to work with youth like him and help them gain the desire to serve, I know it would bless his life forever if he decided to make that step!

Our other investigators are still doing good! The Familia Torres are still going strong, haven't missed a week of church in like a month and a half! We are still waiting on their papers to be able to set a date for marriage. There birth certificates should be here in about a week or so then after that we can set a date.. we are still looking at over a month till they will be able to be married and then baptized. But they have more then just a small desire, it has been such a testimony builder to watch them grow. They seriously won't let anything affect their desire. They are one of the strongest familes I have seen in my time here. I love them. 

And yes mother marriage here really isn't a big thing here. One because it is money that people don't usually have or want to spend on something else. And also because it is a lot of work. As you can see with the familia Torres, because most people don't have birth certificates of ID's, and they need them to get married. That's why it's one of the biggest trials we have as missionaries. and that's why it's awesome to see the willingness of the familia Torres. 

I'm doing so great. Sometimes things are hard in the mission.. but every week goes by faster and I have a greater desire to teach. We had our ward conference yesterday so our Stake President talked. He talked about how the Lord is hastening his work, and their is no greater responsibility, or privilege, then to be apart of it. I am so blessed to be able to commit 2 years of my life to this great work. Sometimes it can be easy to take things lightly.. but I really have been trying to focus on my true calling. A calling that we all have as members of the church, to be salvation to the souls of others. It's amazing isn't it? Sometimes I know we get caught up in the world, but I know there is nothing more important then giving our brothers and sisters the blessings that we have, and sharing the Gospel with them. Their really is no happiness, or eternal families without it. I love being able to be a messenger of my Savior.

I hope that you guys will always have the desire to help and share the Gospel with others. I know that you can bless the lives of so many people, as well as your own. You bless my life everyday as you share your experiences and testimonies with me. I love you guys so much!

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Hansen!

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