Monday, March 31, 2014

This was my team for our soccer tournament! So legit!

Hey Fam!

Thanks as always for the letters! They are always greatly enjoyed, I love knowing that you are doing well and happy. Sounds like things are still freezing but good back in good old Canada. Im looking forward to a little cooler weather here, I've about had my time with the hot weather haha.

I'm so glad that Tim Bozon is better and doing well. I have kept him in my prayers a lot lately. Thank you for the bday package again, and yes the sweater and all the candy was in there! It definitely didn't last long haha. I look forward to receiving the other one, probably will get it tomorrow. I'm super excited that Carter's team is doing well and ripping it up, I bet that is some pretty intense volleyball! One day you will have to video a whole game or something, and then I can watch it one day.

I have been thinking of you guys a lot, and how grateful I am for all you do! I have the greatest family ever. The more I'm on the mission the more I love it, and the more I gain a true love for the things that are most important in life. The Lord, family, the church. These 3 things are what make life such an amazing blessing. I can't believe it's your Birthday this weekend dad! 40 will look good on ya! I will be sure to wish you a happy birthday next week as well, but for now, happy early birthday! Im so grateful for the example you have been to me all my life. Always have supported me in all the sports, and things I wanted to do, but always taught me the little life lessons that showed me what really is the most important in life. I know that your words and example are what helped me have the desire to be better, and serve a mission. I always love telling people you served in Japan, I'm a proud son. I also have a question, do you ever make contact with your converts from your mission??

We have had a trying week here in Marcos Paz. Every week in the mission is filled with its ups and downs, but I just love how the ups are always so much powerful then the tough times. This week we had our Zone Activity on Monday. We had a soccer tournament and then ate some food after, it was legit! I have some pictures to send but this computer won't let me haha, next week. Every Friday night we also play soccer in the church with all the members and our investigators. Sebastian brought about 6 of his cousins and friends this week. It is so cool to see his excitement to bring others with him, even if it's only for soccer for now. We did end up teaching one of his cousins on Saturday night in his house. I love to see the change that takes places in ones life, and like Alma says in the Book of Mormon.. when they have that true change and feel the true joy of their Savior, they have the burning desire to share it with others. 

The Familia Torres is still doing great. We should be able to go this week to set a date for there marriage! We are hoping either end of April or start of May! Then after they will be able to get baptized, and 1 year later enter the temple. It's amazing to watch them grow in their testimonies and their desires to follow their Savior. The other day the mom was super excited so we started planning the wedding a bit haha.. I might have found out my future job? Just kidding, but it was cool to see her excitement to have this special day! We also did a service project for their family on Wednesday. They have this old shed that was close to falling down in their backyard. So we took it apart and put up a new one! It isn't much. Just a couple big wooden beams in the ground, with a couple tarps strapped around the top and sides, but it was nice to be able to help.

We have some good people we are working with for April, to help them progress and enter the waters of baptism. Mission work is super exciting! It's so fun visiting people everyday and helping them in their lives. Whether the good or the bad.

Mom I love the quote you sent me this week. Just yesterday I was a bit discouraged because our 2 really good investigators didn't come to church because of the rain. But one hermano of the church gave a talk, and he talked about the small and simple things in life, and how they make all the difference. He shared D&C 64:32-33. Today I was reading those verses in my personal study and it really hit me hard. I encourage you guys to read them together and talk about it. In the mission sometimes we just want results right away, and if we don't see them we get down. But this really does teach us that we are laying the pathway to a bright future for others. Every little word and act of kindness that we do helps others see the goodness of our Savior, through us. If we always do what the Savior would do, we can help these people feel something. Lot's of times we don't know it, but we can take peace from doing all we can.

I love you all. I hope that we can all continue to pray for opportunities to serve and be instruments in the Lord's hand. He really is hastening his work, and I love being apart of it. Have a great week, best of luck in all you are doing. Know that I love you and pray for you guys always.

With Love, 
Elder Hansen

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