Monday, January 20, 2014

At the baptism of Jorge with Presedente Peralta, Elder Toledo and me.

My District in Lujan!

A sneak peak of Sister Carter putting together the birthday gifts for the missionaries. Looks like Skittles!

Hey Fam! 

Thank you so much for the letters this week. I always love the support that I feel when I read your words. I can see a change in you guys every single week, a change spiritually. It really is an amazing thing and I couldn't be more happy. There is nothing greater than this Gospel, and I love to see you all thriving in it, doing your best to improve everyday! Sounds like the weather there in Canada is wild! Can't make up it's mind. I can tell you that the weather here knows what it wants to do, burn me haha. I have never experienced heat like this in my life! I think when we went to South Carolina is was hotter.. but that was for moments at a time. Being out in the sun all day in these clothes definitely is tough, and I have never sweated more in my life! Gross I know. But I love it, it's all a part of the wonderful experience.

Carter you are a stud. Keep up the good work, I'm always so proud when I hear of the things you are doing! Make the best of every moment you have. 

I know the girl that bore her testimony that was baptized, I don't know how to spell it.. but her name is Notando. Something like that? She came to Family Home Evening and Institute with us in the summer. About 5 other youth, and me were able to give her the first dicussion one day. With the help of President Dudley. We were able to share our testimonies and brief experiences in our lives, that is so awesome she got baptized!  

We had a great week in Lujan. As you know transfers were on Wednesday, and since you didn't see my picture that means I'm still in Lujan! I was so happy when we recieved the call and they told me I was going to be here another transfer, Elder Toledo is here as well! Tuesday night we went to the house of the Alvarez Family and had a "goodbye" dinner you could say, everyone thought I was going, including me. And not gonna lie it was hard, I was close to tears. The bond that you form with people through the Gospel is amazing, and so incredibly strong. I never knew that I could form a love so deep for people that I haven't known for that long. It is defintely one of the greatest, and most special parts of the mission. At their house on Tuesday they wanted me to say a prayer in English to bless the food. I was excited to be able to say a prayer where I knew the language for the first time in 5 months, but I seriously couldn't do it. It was the most Spanglish prayer ever, half English, half Spanish. I can't imagine what it's going to be like after 2 years. We had a good laugh about that.

On Friday night we had a Family Home Evening with the whole branch in the church. About 40 people showed up I believe. We did karaoke, and man it was a blast! There was definitely some good laughs had there. Elder Toledo and I sang a really weird Spanish song that I didn't understand much at all, but it was all in good fun! Definitely was a nice night to relax and enjoy time with the members, we were also able to bring a few investigators, who really enjoyed the activity as well. Bringing non members to activities really is the best way to slowly introduce them into the church! I know its hard in Magrath, but if you ever have the chance I encourage you to do it!

Jorge was baptized on Saturday! It was such a special day for him. He was so excited, and all went great. He was so happy, it has been cool to see him progress so much in just a short period of time! So we had the baptism at 4 in the afternoon, which is during their siesta (When everyone takes there afternoon nap) haha. So the only people that went to the baptism was Jorge, Presidente Peralta, The Hermanas, and us. For a moment I felt bad that nobody else came, and also that Jorge's friend didn't come because he was sick. But Jorge was so incredibly happy, it really did show me that the number of people, or the "hype" of the event really isn't what is important. The promise that he made with God is what really is important. It was cool to see him and his excitement. A man with little experience in the church taught me a lesson quite neat. He taught me what's really important in life, that the size or quantity isn't important.

I am so grateful for all of you. I pray for you always that you will continue to have the happiness and success that you deserve, and that our Father in Heaven wants for you. I hope that everyday we can continue to use the Atonement in our lives, it really is the greatest gift we have in our lives. We can use it to better ourselves in every moment, and we can use it as many times as we need too. We only need to humble ourselves and have the desire to change. I have seen so many humble people change their lives completely, and it has given me a new view in life. I hope that we can continue to rely on the Lord in every part of our life. He loves you, and so do I!

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Hansen.

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