Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 25, 2015

 My comp Elder Belloli and I!

Us with the missionaries going to the temple!

Mis queridos amigos!!

How are all my dear family and friends!? Hope all is well and that you had a great week, thanks for the letters! Always good to hear about life back up there in Canada, sounds like the weather is finally getting nice!

This week sure has flown by and has been amazing! Every time their is transfers everything just feels like a blur it's crazy, but I have learned a ton this week. My testimony is always strengthened by the experience of the missionaries going home and then the energy and faith of the new missionaries. Crazy Elder Evans is going home this week, you will have to give him a big huge for me!

I actually have a new companion! His name is Elder Belloli. He is 20 years old and from Turlock California. He played water polo before the missionary and was a competitive swimmer.. he is such a stud! He is an incredible missionary, has been out for 18 months now and he has so many great ideas for our area and about how to have more success in the work. It has been a great couple days and I have learned a ton from him, and we have learned a lot together. I'm excited to work with him and I know things will be great!

Things are fantastic here in the mission. We got so blessed this week to be able to go the the temple. There was 2 missionaries that had never been because the Argentina temple had been closed for the past 2 months.. but just on Thursday it opened back up! So on Thursday Elder Belloli and I took the 2 missionaries and their companions to the temple and we all got to go through a session together! It was so incredible and I felt so proud and happy for them. There truly is nothing like the temple.. below I attached a picture of us.. and then with my comp!

As far as baptisms go we have some really great people for the month of May that we are really excited about. Oswaldo is still doing great and is progressing very well. We are really working to have more contact with him in order to help prepare him, but the great part is that he always completes with the commitments that we leave him. Also every time that we see him he mentions that he is excited for Sunday. It is so great to see someone with such excitement to go to church, he says he feels something incredible there and he wishes he could go more then just on Sunday! He's so prepared and it has been such a miracle to be able to work with him.

Alejandra the wife of Ruben is doing really well. The other day she wasn't to sure about the church because she said she already had been baptized and joined a church before. So we explained simply the authority and then how a baptism with the authority could and will bless her life.. she took it really well. Like I said Ruben is always there present and there is nothing cooler then hearing him share his testimony. The other day we were talking about the Plan of Salvation, and we just got the the part that talks about the 5 steps we should make in our lives (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end). As we were talking Ruben jumped in and said to Alejandra "you have faith, you are repenting of your mistakes, so what would be your next step?" It was so incredible. To think he has only been baptized for 2 weeks, and then to have him ask a question so inspired like that.. I felt the spirit so strong. After she answered Ruben's question it led perfectly to the baptismal date for the 23rd of may! She is really excited. The only problem is Sunday's, she goes to see her son who lives in Capital so we are trying to work all this out to help her attend church.

We also have Walter. He is doing good and we are hoping by next Saturday he will be able to get baptized. There have been a couple difficulties we are trying to all work it out together, he is putting forth a good effort so that is something awesome to see. We also have Brisa and Marcos. They are both children of different less active members that we are working with. They both have attendances and are working towards a baptismal date.. we are hoping the both of them will be ready for the 9th of may. We also have been looking like crazy for new families and we have found a couple really great ones lately that we are praying will go to church tomorrow! This week has been crazy busy but we have been working hard to make the best of every minute we have had, we have some great plans for tomorrow so we are excited.
Things are great! Crazy that it is almost May. Hope that life is great back there and that you guys are having fun in all that you are doing. Remember how much I love and pray for you all.. and that my biggest wish is to see you succeed in all you do. Thanks for being such a big support to me, and thanks for being so faithful in the church. You have always been my examples when I most needed it. Stay strong and I know the Lord will bless you :)
With lots of love!
Elder Hansen.

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