Sunday, February 15, 2015

Elder Collins and I at the Robertson's house

Feb 7, 2015

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the letters of support this week, it has been an amazing week for sure! Glad to hear that things back there are going good and that everyone is doing well! Glad you were able to party a little bit for moms birthday haha. This week has been crazy but I have loved learning my new responsibilities here in the office!

Just to answer some of your questions. First off I do have another pair of shoes that are good so don't worry haha. What happened is a missionary left those shoes behind when he went home and they were in pretty good condition so I decided to use them.. but one day we were running home from an appointment and they just completely ripped open haha.. so now I am using my other ones.

My new companion is named Elder Collins (I don't remember if I put that in my other letter) below I attached a photo. He is from Wyoming, a small town boy as well so we have lots in common. He's an american football superstar haha, but actually.. he's super cool and we get along really well.

As far as the responsibilities here in the office its a lot different than before, it's super great. We pretty much take care of the spiritual side of the mission. For example this month we have Zone Conferences so Elder Collins and I had to plan what we wanted to talk about with all the mission in general. Pretty much just thought of our strengths and weaknesses as a mission and then planned something out. I definitely was nervous the first time, I am not a good public speaker but I'm learning haha. It's an awesome experience though I'm learning a lot from the missionaries here, they are all such great people with such unique talents!

Besides that we are in the office just in the morning usually. We take care of planning for the meetings and conferences and then we also have other little jobs we do. We usually leave to our area around 2 or 3 o clock which is super nice, gives us lots of time to get out and work!!

I don't think I told you but my ward is Caseros 2. So I'm in the same chapel as I was before in Caseros when I was secretary but now I just am in a different ward.. it's super weird! Last Sunday I was sitting in the chapel and all the kids from Caseros 1 kept staring inside the glass and waving at me, it was super cool to see everyone again though and nice that I will be able to see them every week.

But this week was seriously so filled with miracles I don't know where to start. Probably one of the most spiritually uplifting weeks of my mission. Last Saturday night we went to visit one of our investigator families, and as we walked in the first question the little girl asked us was "when can I get baptized?" We were a little shocked but she asked us again.. haha it was so cool. We are teaching her parents as well and her cousins live right next door and are members so there is a great support system. She went to church with her cousins last Sunday and loved it, she has a baptismal date for the 28th of this month!

On Monday we had some really good plans but literally none of our investigators that we had planned to visit were home.. for like an hour we just walked around but nobody was home. And as we were walking in the street a powerful feeling overcame us to talk to this guy who was walking in the street with his little kid. As we started talking to him and testifying of the importance of the Restored Gospel and how it has made us truly happy he just started bawling. We asked him what was wrong and he began to explain how he had made so many mistakes in his life and how he hadn't felt that kind of happiness in a long time. We asked him if we could pass by his house later that night, and he accepted.. and we went by and taught the Restoration and how a living day prophet could bless his family and help him be a better person! His name is Horacio and he's a super stud!

We also saw some pretty awesome miracles with members as well. We have been working a lot with less active members and this week we started teaching three new investigators who are family of less active members. Such miracles. It is amazing how important members in missionary work. If someone investigating the church has a good support system it is so much more likely that they will be baptised and stay active in the church. Those are just a few of the miracles that we saw this week, it truly is so incredible to see how merciful the Lord is. Sometimes I just feel so humbled to see the things He can do, if only we have the faith to see these miracles.

So in the Zone Conferences we are showing the movie "Meet the Mormons". I don't know if you guys have seen it or not, but if you haven't you need too! It is seriously so amazing, it just displays how simple and normal mormon families are. But I got 2 main points out of the movie. First is that a lot of people really have no idea who we are, so it's sooo important we always represent the church in a good way. The 2nd is that being a member of the church is such a blessing, and being a member is a happy thing! It just helps us realise how big of blessings we have in our lives. I hope you guys are able to watch it, it truly is incredible.

Well that's just a quick update on my quick. I have a million other things I'd love to share but the time is short. Life is great though. I love being able to work closely with President Robertson again, he is a true leader and example to me. He has helped me develop a true desire to serve the Lord and be a person who is filled with charity. I feel so blessed. Hope you guys always remember just how blessed we are and just how much the Lord loves us!
And how much I love you all!

Take care,
Elder Hansen.

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