Sunday, February 15, 2015

Elder Bustamante and I 

Dear Fam,

I am just going to apologise before I ever start this letter, its gonna be super short haha. We traveled home from Chivilcoy today so we are super short on P-day time, we have a couple important appointments tonight.

So ya this week has been super great and amazingly satisfying. Just has been such a blessing to be able to work everyday in whatever it may be. This week was definitely highlighted by the Zone Conferences and the splits we did. On Tuesday we did splits with Catan, Elder Collins went there and I stayed here with Elder Van Liew. It was super awesome. The absolute best part of being a missionary is being able to learn from others through splits, it is such a great opportunity to learn about others and see what they do to be successful. Its amazing how God has given us all so many gifts and talents, but how all these gifts and talents are different.

Then Wednesday we had Zone Conferences here with a couple zones. Yesterday we had Zone Conferences in Chivilcoy so we had to drive out there (like 2 hours) so not to bad. Then after we did splits with them as well. I went out to Bragado which is a small little town with Elder Bustamante and Elder Vargas, they are super sweet. We had to borrow a 3rd bike and the person who we borrowed it from didn't have another bike helmet.. and it's a rule to use a helmet. So Elder Bustamante ended up riding with a motorcyle helmet! It was the funniest thing ever.. below I put in a picture! It was a great split and we so a ton of miracles!

Elder Collins and I continue to work hard and have success in our own area as well. The other day we contacted this guy named Ruben. He is super awesome. His kid lives with his mom who is a member so he knows a lot about the church, but never really was super interested. So we asked him if we could share a message with him and he accepted, and we talked a lot about the family and the importance the church plays in helping us become closer to our families for this life and the next. It was a pretty good lesson, but seriously nothing out of this world. But at the end we invited him to pray and he was super hesitant, but we kind of insisted because we knew it could help him.. and he said ok. As he finished the prayer he just broke out in tears, and as we asked him what he felt he said "I don't know, I have never felt this way in my whole life" it was seriously one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I have witnessed in my mission. It was so amazing to see the power of prayer in action, and just how big of a difference it can make in ones life.. and just how close one can feel to God if they pray with a sincere heart.

It seriously is such a great time to be a missionary and I feel so blessed! We have this Sister in our ward named Sister Horna, she is super awesome. The other day she gave us like 4 referrals of her friends and her neighbors and we have visited and taught a few.. it is so amazing to see the importance of members in missionary work. Because we contacted one of her neighbors named Ermenia.. and she said she was busy and didn't have time to receive us, and wasn't to interested.. and when we went 2 days later with Sister Horna, this lady Ermenia just let us right in and we had a great lesson! It really is like night and day. Letting in 2 random strangers, or letting in your friend who tells you they have 2 people who can help you out. I want to thank you guys for all the support you give to the missionaries, and encourage you to keep helping them out because you guys can make the difference! And I hope Carter can go out with them one day.. seriously would be so cool :)

Hey I gotta run, we are going to go teach Ruben right now I'm super excited!
Have a great week, love you all!

Elder Hansen.


  1. So happy for our Elder Hansen who is doing so well and sounds so happy!!

    1. Thanks Kasandra, he really does love this work and is always so positive.

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