Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jan 5, 2015

Hey Fam and Friends!

Happy new year to everyone back there! Hope you guys had a great new start to the year and that you could party hard like you always do!! Crazy how fast 2014 went by I seriously can't believe it, but what an amazing year of progress and growth it has been! I have seen such a growth spiritually in everyone of you and it really has been such a testimony builder to me, thanks for always sharing your experiences with me, they really do strengthen me. The only thing that needs to grow now is Carter in height and strength! little smurf. haha just messing. Crazy how things change and how much you guys have changed, all looking like movie stars these days!!

We definitely have a relaxed New Year but it was really good. We went to eat with a part member family and then had to be in our apartment at 8:30 for security reasons. New Years gets a little dangerous around here. Lots of them start drinking at like noon haha. But it was a good time we were in bed and sound asleep at 10:30 haha, but we woke up at 12:00 when all the fireworks went off so we watched them for a little bit. The truth is I haven't had like 5 minutes this week to be able to sit back and think in some new years resolutions and goals, but hopefully this week will be a little less hectic and I will be able to do it. Thanks for sharing your goals with me, they all sounds super great! I have learned a ton about goals here on the mission. The other day Hermana Robertson said "that goals that aren't written down are just thoughts" I hope you guys can take some time to write down goals. I know that if we learn to make and complete our goals is when we can reach our true potential!

Today has been a pretty interesting p-day so far. So we have an investigator named Guillermo who lives in very humble conditions. He is so awesome but it breaks my heart sometimes. He has problems with the alcohol and cigarettes right now and we are really working on this. But the other day he mentioned that he needed a haircut and wanted to know if we could help him out or find someone to cut his hair. Before I could think twice I volunteered! haha. So today at 9:30 we met him in the church and I cut his hair! And he showed up with one of his friends who is sadly homeless today, and after I cut Guillermo's hair his friend shyly asked me if I would be willing to cut his. So i officially found my first 2 clients today! haha. But it was such a different but amazing little service. As I was cutting Guillermo's friends hair he said "viste Guillermo, hace algunos minutos estabamos tirados en la calle y ahora vamos a tener la facha como estes mucachos." .. which means "look Guillermo just a couple minutes ago we were out in the street and now we are going to have style like these 2 kids" haha it was so funny but such a special moment to see just how grateful they were for such a small act. That's what I love the most about people here, their sincerity and how much they really appreciate the little things. I wouldn't say it was the best hair cut in the word but it was a pretty cool experience for me.

Our investigators also continue to do well. We had a really successful day yesterday in church and Gaston, Monica and their 2 little girls went to church again! They are great and progressing super awesome. Today they went to start some of their paperwork to be able to get married, so we are hoping all went well! We also are working a lot with a older lady named Juana, and a young girl named Itaty, they are both progressing really well and have baptism dates for this month so we are really praying a lot for them. This other family we met last week didn't come to church yesterday but we had a really awesome lesson about the Restoration and they are really excited to learn more. They are super sincere people and have a strong desire to learn.. just want to be really sure before they make a decision.. kinda like mom :) haha. But its great, it shows how much it really means to them.

Things are going great! Tomorrow we have our zone meeting and Elder Emry and I are super excited it's going to be great. January is gonna be a great month in Catan and in the mission! Gotta love it, so cool to see the changes and how the Lord is bring to pass His work in these last days!
Thanks for everything, love you all and besitos!

Elder Hansen.

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