Saturday, January 31, 2015

Baptism of Itaty

Monday, Jan. 26

Hey Fam!

Thanks for the letters they were great this week, sounds like life is great up there! Thanks for always taking time to share your experiences with me I definitely appreciate it! I definitely am a proud missionary after reading your story mom! So cool that you were able to have that experience, and that you were able to share some time. I sometimes think it's not always such a bad thing to share with others and let them in our houses. I am sure that you did just great and that they left with the desire to go to church :) haha. I definitely have realised in the mission that their never is an end when it comes to the amount of knowledge that we can and should obtain in this life. I love having every morning to just study. These past weeks I have been studying a ton when it comes to the Restoration and the how scriptures in the Bible support the Restoration, its super fascinating! Glad to hear that you all had a good week and hope that Jo enjoys her vacation and that Carter does well in his exams!

Well the baptism of Itaty was great! She definitely had an interesting but cool experience that showed her desires. She used to go to an Evangelical church and twice she almost got baptised there, but both times she just couldn't do it.. she told us every time it got close she just felt something telling her she shouldn't.  On Saturday she got baptised right.. but she told us that right before she left her house she was seriously considering not going. That she felt that same feeling telling her not to go and that she shouldn't do it.. but what was awesome is that she shared how this time she felt like it was something that she needed to do and that she stayed strong to her decision and her testimony. It was awesome to see how she could resist the temptation of Satan and go through and take this big step in her life! And then yesterday she received the Holy Ghost, it was awesome! Yesterday was her birthday too! She turned 22.. so we went to her house and cooked her and her family a cake! Put my cake boss skills to work haha. It was definitely a good weekend though and a good experience for her! Sorry that I can't send pictures still but hopefully one of these days I'll be able too!

Our English class went good this week as well! We had about 15-20 people show up which was pretty good for the first week, we are hoping that we get more and more every week as the word gets out! We just taught basic stuff. How to present yourself more than anything, very simple. We used the book that they gave us in the MTC to learn Spanish. It's super simple and it helped me a ton, you guys will have to study it up one day and we can all just speak in Spanish!

Speaking of that.. it could be next week. haha. So the mission decided to change how they announce the changes. Normally they did it Monday night.. but yesterday they called us and let us know! And I'm leaving Catan! Ahh man I was actually sooo shocked and surprised when they told me, I thought they were just messing with me for sure. But turns oot it is true, so this Wednesday I will be going to another area again and we will see what the Lord has in store for me! I definitely will miss Catan and was not expecting to leave, but I have learned that what the Lord wants is absolutely the most important and that if we really do humble ourselves and do His will that He will never let us fall. I am excited and know that it will be a change for the better!

So on that note I don't have too much else to share.. I will be trying to keep in contact with Elder Emry to see how the investigators go here in Catan and maybe will be able to come back if some of them get baptised. There are a couple that should be getting baptised her in February! 

So that's about it for me this week, it was a great week and this week will be one of changes but change is good right!? I hope you guys have a great week! And Mom I hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY! Don't you worry after all this time I still haven't forgot :) Hope you have a great day and that dad spoils you a ton. Thanks so much for being such an amazing example and for being willing to ask God for a witness that the Book of Mormon is true. I admire your courage. Thanks for always being so loving and understanding with me, and for all the times that you showed so much patience. You and Dad are going to be great missionaries one day :) hahah.

Love you all! Have a great week.. next week I shall be writing from who knows where.... :) 

Besos, Elder Hansen.

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