Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hola Fam!

Hey thanks a ton for the emails glad to hear that things went well this week, sounds like you guys are super busy which is great. Gotta love it. That's so awesome that Carter continues to do well in basketball and that Jo is gonna take a nice little vacation, always the best! Hope that Mom and Dad don't feel too left out.

This week has been super hot as well! I got a little bit sick just from heat stroke I believe but we still were able to work all week. On Friday it was 37 degrees with 100 percent humidity! It was a scorcher. In our area we don't have buses we have these vans called combis. They are like white Hutterite vans but what they do is take all the seats out and just put wooden benches around the inside where you sit on. They are like 3 pesos to ride haha. But the thing is a lot of them don't have windows so they are like a 30 cent sauna! We had to take one on Friday and it was probably between 45 and 50 degrees inside! I have literally never sweat so bad in my life haha, it was definitely an interesting experience.

As far as our investigators we are working really hard right now with Itaty. She is progressing really good even though there are a lot of family problems in her house. She loves the church and the gospel a lot and she has already seen how it has helped her. She was definitely a miracle, we just found her looking for some less active members, she has a baptism date for the 24th of this month!
We are going to the temple tomorrow with Gaston, Monica, Luzmila and Agustina! They are such a cool family and so humble! They have had a few complications trying to get their papers to get married but we are still working hard on this. I love them a lot.
We have another family that we are working with now that also wants to get married but still haven't decided when, so we are trying to show them the importance of being able to keep this commandment. We went over to their house on Saturday night to eat pizza and had a little lesson with them. I love how open the Argentines are, it's cool!

We are also teaching a members daughter, her named is Romina. She is super cool and in the last week we have seen a huge progress in her. She has known the missionaries for awhile but has never really had the time or committed herself to listen and take the discussions. But just in these past little bit she has gone through some tough things which has really caused her to open up the past 2 weeks. The other day we had a super powerful lesson about the importance of repentance how how loving and merciful the Savior is. She really has a hard time feeling that in her life and as we explained it she was overcome with tears which was something super special. She has a baptism date february and her mom is capa! Definitely a great example of how important it is that the members share with their family members / friends because the mom reads with Romina pretty much everyday!

Besides that I am doing really good. We have a lot of good investigators and there is a lot to do! 
Today we are planning on buying a giant watermelon, sitting out in the shade and enjoying a nice relaxing P-day. The best part is that the watermelon here are like 3 times bigger then the ones back home... its like a complete lunch in itself!

This last week we also had our Zone Meeting and it went really well. We talked about the importance of learning how to teach how Christ taught, with power and simplicity. We also talked about how importance it is to learn the doctrine inside and out and be so familiar with it that you can explain it to anyone. As a mission we are reading parts of Preach My Gospel together, and in this next week or so we are going to be studying The Restoration. I want to invite you guys to read it with me when we read it, because it really is the key to everything we believe in and the difference that we have from everybody else. I will let you guys know more details next week. But I have no doubt and we study it and come to better understand the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the importance of a living day Prophet that our testimonies will be strengthened. We also talked in the reunion about the importance of urgency. The importance it is to decide today and work today, and not wait until tomorrow to become better. We shared the story in Matthew 4:18-22 and how the fishermen (who become the Apostles) acted as Christ called them. It talks about how the first two "left straightway" and how the next two "left immediately". I love this example. They left their families and their careers behind as the Lord called them, and this is a great invitation for everyone of us. We have all been called by Him, and its important to really ponder in what way we are following Him. With doubts, or "immediately".

I hope that we are all willing to follow the voice of our Savior immediately as He calls us, and I know that if we do we will be blessed greatly for it. I have seen that it isn't exactly about how much we know, but how quickly and willingly we are to follow and to learn. That's when the Savior can change us.

Hey have a great week, love you all!!
Elder Hansen.

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