Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

 Lunch with the familia Echeverria. Capos! so good.

My dearest family and friends,

What a fantastic week it has been here in the mission. Crazy as ever, but more enjoyable then ever. I have been a witness of so many of the Lord's miracles this week, it has been incredible to see to tell you the truth. I have loved ever minute of working with the missionaries and have learned SO much from them. They are all incredible missionaries and it has been a privilege to work along side them.

I gotta tell you that travelling around is definitely interesting and always a new adventure! I've been living off oatmeal and bananas this past week and a half haha, it's pretty pretty awesome. My air-mattress is pretty comfortable though! This might just be the most enjoyable time of my mission, I really don't know why but It's just been something so special to me.

So we started this week off in Merlo. I went to Altos de Merlo B with Elder Rawlins and with Elder Farias. Things went really well and we were able to work really hard together. They are both such fantastic and humble missionaries, this was something I admire about them both. We saw some awesome miracles as well! On Wednesday we found a lady who listened to the missionaries before and she has 3 kids and is super interested. Wednesday night we also found a man who had recently been abandoned by his wife and kids, so we literally showed up at the perfect time. He told us he had been praying for a way out and then we showed up, was pretty special.

Next I was in Paso del Rey with Elder Ruiz and Elder Rodriguez. I was super impressed by their knowledge and ability for having so little time in the mission, I'm always so amazed by how awesome the young missionaries are! We worked really hard for the 2 days we were together. They have 2 awesome families they are working with.. and one of the families has a marriage date already.. such studs! 

Last off I was with Elder Healey and Elder Dye. Elder Healey is Tanner Murphy´s cousin! They are both super capos and it was a blast working with them. We had such a successful day together and we worked super hard! We ended up finishing with about 5 news and 6 lessons, and we were so blessed by the Lord! I love their work effort, they are both such hard working missionaries and have so many talents I was super impressed and learned so much from them! Elder Healey is a natural leader. His family should be proud! haha.

On Sunday I worked with Elder Child and we worked in the fuerte apache. It's a super famous ghetto down here in Argentina. It's huge! look it up online haha it's crazy.. but it was super awesome and we had a great time.

I think more then anything I have learned the importance of urgency and not procrastinating this past little bit. Sometimes in life, or in the mission we always think there is a more opportune, or better moment to do something. But having 2 days with each companionship has helped me have the desire to work and pray for miracles every single day and not wait... cause many times their is no tomorrow! Just a cool thing I have learned.

Overall things went fantastic this week. I learned a ton from the missionaries and I feel super blessed. I can't believe how the time flies by. I have been enjoying so much this assignment and I am super excited for this next week.

Can't believe it's the last week. Really doesn't seem real to me. But you better be sure that it's gonna be the best :)

Love you all!
Elder Hansen.

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