Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mar. 7, 2015

 Daiana´s baptism, us with her and her parents! They´re next :) haha

We cooked a ton of pancakes last week for a meeting with all the zone leaders!!

Hey all! 

So good to hear from you all this week! Como pasa el tiempo! Seriously the weeks feel like days out here in the mission field, so glad to hear that you are all doing great though and just living up life! It really is the best isn't it? We are so blessed to be here, especially as members of the church. I love it! Sounds like ball is crazy intense, so excited for Carter! that video was unreal! I would be lying if I said I only watched it once... haha. I am impressed. I was almost sure that hoop was only 9 feet, what hops! Sounds like life is great though, makes me happy.

It's crazy I have already been back in the office for a transfer! Next Wednesday we have transfers again! So wild. I'm excited though, we have a pretty awesome part in the transfers. We get to be with all the missionaries as they finish their missions, hear them share their testimonies and everything. Then we get to pick up the new missionaries on Tuesday morning and spend the day with them doing trainings, and then we are going to go out with them and do contacts in the afternoon! Give away Book of Mormons. I'm sure its going to bring back a rush of memories haha, back to the days when I didn't speak any Spanish. The best, I'm more than excited.

This week was super incredible. First off because Daiana got baptized last weekend! It was awesome. She is such an awesome young girl. Her family is incredible too, I really do have such a special place in my heart for them It was a really cool experience though, because her uncle came and baptized and confirmed her! He also baptized Daiana´s older brother who is now in the mission. On Saturday and Sunday there was also a bunch of family members that went, and Daiana´s parents went which was awesome! Luz (Daiana´s mom) shared her testimony with us after by simply expressing her feelings. She said she knew this would help her daughter become a good person and grow up with good standards and values. It was incredible. We are working really hard with her now, so that she can get baptized as well as her husband.

As far as other people to baptize we have been blessed to find a ton of great people in these past weeks! We have Ruben who is progressing well, he went to church 2 weeks ago and has a baptismal for the 21st of this month. The other day we had a great lesson with him and he committed to live the Word of Wisdom. He has a testimony, he feels good every time he prays, reads, and every time we go over. He just doubts himself sometimes, so we just need to help him recognize the stuff he does know and not think so much about what he doesn´t know.

We also have a man named Walter who has a fecha for the 28th of this month. He is probably one of the nicest guys I´ve ever met, just has such a good heart and is such a simple man. He sends us texts often asking how we are, and when we call he always asks us how our day was and what we did. He struggles a little bit when it comes to understanding the Gospel, especially the scriptures, but it will come with time. I just know he´s prepared by the way he receives us, you can tell he is a person that already lives the type of life that the Savior asks of us.

 We also have a couple great young couples as well. Gabriel and Camila first off. Gabriel is a member and Camila isn´t. Its funny though, because she wants to get married and baptized really bad, and he is a little hesitant right now with getting married. But last Saturday we had a ward activity and they talked about marriage. The best part is that Camila raised her hand and asked "I want to get married but he doesn´t, what should I do?" it was super funny but also very powerful to see her desire. So this week he went by with a young guy named Jose who just got married and he shared his testimony. Before Gabriel said he would get married in 2-3 years, but the other day he said 3 or 4 months! So we are seeing some serious progress, and we know they will be a special part of the church. 

We also have Martin and Yesica. The other day Martin´s dad (The Elders Quorom President) blessed Martin and Yesica´s baby in church, it was super special! It's cool to see how their testimonies are growing, and that moment definitely helped them even though they aren't members yet. We also did a service project for them on Wednesday.. we helped them move so that was a lot of fun! They are pretty much members just need to get married and baptized, but they are right there! We are super excited. We also saw a ton of new miracles this week, the Lord blessed us to find like 10 news in our first 3 days of working and one is an incredible family! The dad is an inactive member and he lives with his wife and 3 kids (14 and 11 years old and one of 5 months). Im more then excited for church tomorrow, I love seeing new people come to church and get to know it. I also love the feeling that their is here, the members in our ward are incredible with the way they treat the people visiting,

We also have one other miracle. We were walking in the street on Tuesday and we felt the impression to knock this one door. This man about 50 years old came out and after talking a bit he invited us to talk to him. So we sat down and he started telling us about his life, and I can tell you it hasn't been easy. He has spent time in prison and has really had some tough times, but he is so prepared. Just 2 years ago his mom passed away. So the other day we were talking about how he could live with his mom again in God´s presence if he prepares now. But we also said how he needs to be clean to live with God.. and he said "it´s true, that´s why I want to be baptized". It was INCREDIBLE! We didn´t even mention it, he just said it himself. It was such a powerful moment, and then we invited him to a baptismal date. He also read like all the introduction of the Book of Mormon, The 3 and 8 witnesses, and the first 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon in like 3 days! He was telling us by memory too, it was super cool! Their are so many prepared people we just have to find them!

Well out of time, so many things to do but I love you guys! Thanks for all you do. I love this work so much, and love my Savior more then I can explain. I know that when we are obedient we are blessed. Last week we talked about this to the whole mission, and since apply what we taught the Lord truly has poured us with blessings, more then I can explain. I know without doubt that the Lord is aware of your struggles and also your desires, and as you put out a constant effort everyday to be a good person He will bless you. 
Have a great week. All the best.

Love, Elder Hansen!

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