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Mar. 28, 2015

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Ready to fight the Lamanites with the sword of Laban.

Hey everyone!!
Thanks a ton for the letters this week, they were awesome. Sure do love you all and am super grateful for the support! Sounds like life up there is great. To bad the boys couldn't go all the way but 4th in provincials is still sweet, and that is way cool the girls won! Hope volleyball goes well for ya bro, I'm excited to be able to watch you next year.

Well this week was exciting for sure! We started training in the mornings with a member in our ward.. his name is Brother Echeverria.. he is so funny. He is huge into fitness and boxing. We decided to start twice a week, so this Monday and Thursday we went with him to run and do other exercises. Lets just say it was my first time running in 19 months.. and on Monday I totally puked after haha. Nothing like trying to get back into shape.

We have had a super awesome week here in the mission and Elder Collins and I are very happy about how everything went. We had a couple of special trainings so we were super busy! This week we drove out to Chivilcoy and did a training for the 2 Zones out there.. talked a lot about the importance of baptizing, retaining, and reactivating to help the church grow here in Argentina. Elder Collins and I talked about how we can focus on baptism more.. and how this can lead us to have more success in the mission field.. I love this one quote.."If they really understood "the gospel" as the Lord has defined it, they would talk about baptizing all the time. They would talk to everyone. They would think about baptizing, they would talk about it, they would dream about it, and most importantly they would teach everyone about it." It's SO true! So we ended up putting pictures of Christ being baptized above our beds to think and dream about baptism haha. It may sound corny but it's actually so true, our thoughts become our desires!! And I really have come to understand that everyone needs to be baptized.

This week was also very interesting for me personally. I learned a ton about the personal desire one must have and how one needs courage to be a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ. First off because the other day some angry man spit in my face and talked really bad about us. I can tell you the old Elder Hansen would not have walked away haha.. but I am so grateful for my Savior and for His example and courage, and I am grateful that I have learned have to follow this example. That was one lesson I learned. The other was Thursday when I did divisions with Elder Vera. I was really really sick. I dont know if I have felt that bad the whole time Ive been in the mission. At about 1:20 we were eating lunch here in the office and I decided to go alone and pray. I prayed that the Lord would bless me with strength to at least to make it through the day, and told Him that I had the faith by the time we left in half an hour I would feel good. It was incredible what happened.. as we prayed before we left to work I felt a peaceful feeling, and also felt a wave of energy and enthusiasm come over me. I was able to work the whole day with Elder Vera and it was an excellent day.

We had to move Rubens baptismal date because he had a little set back with one of his commitments last week, but he is progressing so much and the change that he has made is incredible. He is one of those people who is very smart and wants to know a lot before he commits, so we know that when he gets baptized that he will be a strong and firm convert! He has accepted to live the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity and he is praying about tithing still.. but he understands the importance and is going to accept we know it.

We are also working with a lady named Laura, she is super awesome and is excited for her baptism on the 18th.. we had the coolest miracle with her the other day. Before we started the lesson she said "can I ask you guys a question?" and we said of course.. and she said "Its always been a dream of mine to baptize my 2 daughters in the mormon church, but I heard that if they want to get baptized I need to be baptized first right?" it was incredible! We were shocked.. but said yes of course you should show the example to your daughters. Her daughters are only 6 and 4, so we kind of explain that whole situation.. but she finished being super excited to be baptized and has stopped drinking already to be able to do so!

We have a couple other great people who we are working with too. We have Karina who is still waiting for her divorce papers but they should be here next weekend si o si.. and her son who is 11 Marcos has a fecha for the 11th of April. Those 3 are pretty much for sure for April and we have a couple other great possibilities who we are working with. Norma is one of them, she is super intelligent and is just waiting for an answer and is going to go to church for the first time tomorrow. Gabriela and Leandro are another married family who we just found last week.. they are super nice and they have been reading a lot. Well more Gabriela then her husband, but we are trying to focus on the whole family!
So I don't know if you have all hard but the church has launched a new program called "Because He Lives" its just like the "He is the Gift" program and its gonna be HUGE! im stoked. There is a new video and it's unreal.. here I'm gonna send you the link.. .. such an awesome video!
Hey i gotta run lots to do but thank you all for everything!! Love you guys a ton and am so grateful for the support. Hope you all have a great week and never forget how much I love and pray for you all :)

with love!
Elder Hansen.

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