Monday, April 14, 2014

With my new companion Elder Puentes from Mexico.

Hey Fam!

Thank you so much for the letters once again. Sounds like a great week in Canada topped off with some nicer weather. Nothing to complain about there! Always happy to hear that you guys are busy and working hard.. and I guess I can consider golfing as hard work too. You guys are the best, thank you so much for your examples to me!

We had a great week here in Marcos Paz! It went by crazy fast. On Monday we had a great Family Home Evening with the Familia De La Rosa, a member family here. They invited a family of 5 that are their neighbours, and then their son invited his 2 friends. So we had a family home evening of about 15 or more people! It was awesome. They cooked torta fritas (they're like scones) pizza, cookies, and all kinds of stuff. We were in charge of the spiritual part of course :) haha. We shared parts of the Proclamation to the Family and it was awesome. I seriously love sharing about the family and the importance it has, and the blessings the Lord has for them. I think my testimony has come from the amazing family I have! As I teach I always think about the great times we have had together, and it helps me have a special spirit and desire to bring those blessings to others. After we played some charades and some other games. It was such a legit night. I have gained a strong testimony of the importance of Family Home Evening. It really is such a sacred night for the family.

Yes on Wednesday we had transfers! I totally forgot to write about it last week, the time passes so fast and I totally forgot that they were coming up so soon. Elder Muñoz ended up leaving, he was sad to leave but its part of the mission. It's always hard to see your companions go but it's the will of the Lord. I now have a new companion named Elder Puentes (which in english is bridges). He's a good guy! He's from Northern Mexico, about 2 blocks from the border of texas so he's been to the States to visit family a lot. He has been out about 16 months in the mission. We get along well and I'm excited to start working with him. I also had a nice little surprise on Wednesday. I was announced District Leader.. I was definitely shocked. I never would have expected myself to be a leader, but I feel pretty honoured that the Lord has placed his trust in me. I'm excited to be able to help and serve other missionaries! Also on Wednesday I was able to talk with Elder Valdes for about an hour. It was the first time I've seen him since December, he's doing really well and goes home so soon! The time really does fly by. Oh and yes I received my package! Thank you so much it was awesome, you guys are more than generous :)

This week we saw 3 great families come to the church with us! The Flia Torres went as usual, they are rock solid in the Gospel it is so awesome to see. Sebastian came (our recent convert) and his cousins that we are teaching came too! Also we had a lady named Fabianna and her 2 sons David and Martin come as well. It is awesome to be able to work with families. As a mission that is what we are focusing on more then ever. It's a blessing to be able to work with people that want to be with their families forever.

I really don't have much to write this week. It has been a crazy fast week and I know the time is only going to go by faster! The other day we had quite the storm of wind and rain.. I'm not gonna lie I was quite chilly! We left the pension at about 10:30 and it was quite warm out so I left with only a sweater. By about 3 o clock we were about 45 minutes from the pension and the storm started to come. Man is the wind cold here! It ain't no chinook that's for sure haha. We kept working though and I really felt the Lord bless us for our diligence. I'm sure winter will be a little bit tougher to work in but I'm looking forward to it!

I love you all and thank you for everything you do for me. It truly is a blessing to be part of our amazing family. I'm so grateful for Dad and his desire to share the gospel with others, and especially sharing it with you Mom. I know that it has blessed the lives of us all and will continue to bless the lives of tons of people. I pray that you always remember the things that are most important in life and I know that the Lord will bless you if you do. I love being here. Wish you guys all the best, have a great week and know that you're in my heart.

Elder Hansen.

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