Monday, April 21, 2014

17 hours away from the good old Magrath.. and look who I found roaming the streets of Argentina!!! What a stud, he's grown so much it's crazy. Tell the Evans family he's doing great :)

With the parents of the Torres Family (and Kirah) at the temple!!

Hey Fam!

Thank you for the letters as always. I love to hear that things are going well every week, and to be able to feel the love and the power of your testimonies. Always gives me the biggest smile. Looks like quite the bipolar week you have had up there in Canada! Is it sad that it doesn't surprise me at all? We definitely had a change of weather here as well.. for one day at least. It was miserably freezing 2 days last week, and then this week it was back to hot! I'm definitely enjoying the cooler climate we are having, I will have to see how I deal with my first winter.

I love that you guys are always trying to be together spending time as a family. I definitely have gained such a strong testimony of the power of family. Every Tuesday we have a District Meeting, and now I have the privilege to direct it and give a small presentation. It's amazing to feel the guidance of the Lord help me know what I should say and do to bring out the potential in myself and others. This week I shared the story of the Anti-Nefi-Lehis. With your letters it put my small talk back into my mind, the importance of family and supporting one another. They had a true conversion because they were never alone in what they did. Whether it was Helaman telling them not to break their covenants, their sons fighting in there place, or listening to the words of their mothers. Their life long conversion was based on the strength of their families. How grateful I am to have you guys support me. I know we are blessed and strengthened by each other every day.

To answer your question dad with my new calling I have the privilege of being "over" 3 other companionships. Just in helping them, taking their daily stats and knowing all the people they are teaching. Its a little stressful at times but I have learnt a ton in a short period of time. I have learnt just how much work it takes to be a missionary, and the importance of really "being here" while you are serving. I don't have much time to think about anything else except the mission and serving the Lord with all my heart, mind, and strength as well. It's awesome.

We have some great families we are working with right now. It's always such a testimony builder to see them grow and have desires to change. The real miracle this weekend was when we were able to go to the temple. The Family Torres, and the Family Mansilla (Aunt of Sebastian) came with us! So we had about 6 investigators, and in all their was 101 of us that went from our ward! It was amazing. We had such a good time. We had a picnic outside the temple on the grounds to start, then we were able to do a tour of the temple, ccm, and other buildings in the area. As we were waiting to enter the waiting room to show our investigators, you will never believe who I saw.. Elder Evans!! They just got back from proselyting as we were sitting outside the temple waiting. Man he has changed a ton, it was awesome to see him. We only talked for about 2 minutes, then we went in, but it was definitely so wild. We were then able to enter into the waiting room and have a lesson with about 15 people. The power and spirit of the temple was amazing, and to be able to teach with the presence of the Lord is something I'll never forget. I love the Temple so much, and have no doubt it's the house of the Lord.

We had a good Easter here. Enjoyed a nice little chocolate egg that we bought haha and as always we were able to preach the Gospel and the importance of the resurrection and the plan God has for his children. Always is the greatest gift of all. I hope that you guys were able to feel of his infinite love for everyone of you during this special time of year. I definitely was thinking of you guys yesterday :) How grateful I am for my Savior. Who died for me, for you, and for us. I enjoyed what you said mom. The suffering, and death of our Savior is so personal. He didn't just suffer for everyone.. he died for every single one of us. Personally. It is the most personal, and important thing that has ever happened. I know that the Atonement is real, I have felt it so much in my life during the mission, and seen it literally change peoples lives. I hope that we can all use this free gift to become better everyday. To repent, and be forgiven is the most liberating thing in the world. And as we read in D&C.. those who repent of their sins and abandon them, the Lord will remember them no more. I know that through this we can truly have our eternal family. That we can live together, and continue to share time with each other, and have the fullness of joy that our Father in Heaven has for us.

The Flia Alvarez sent me letters the other day for my birthday! I was almost brought to tears reading them. What a blessing it is to be apart of the lives of such amazing people. It is why I love the mission so, so much! They told me to say hi to you guys, and say they always think about our family :) I can't wait till you guys get to meet them one day. Federico also was able to be ordained as an Elder! Crazy how fast the time passes, he says he still has a huge desire to serve a mission, awesome eh! 

Hope you guys have a great week. Always am thinking and praying for you guys. May you feel this love in every moment! I know this is the Church of our Savior without doubt! Take care!

Love, Elder Hansen!

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