Monday, December 9, 2013

An evening with the Alvarez family

At the transfer meeting

Last day with Elder Valdez

Doing service on Rosalia's roof with Brother Peralta

My new companion from Chile

Hola Familia! 

Sounds like things in Magrath are freezing, but great as usual! It´s so crazy how different it is, but I can tell you I don´t miss the cold one bit. Yesterday It was 38 degrees here and humid as ever, in my suit during church I was dying haha, but it´s all part of the experience. Definitely losing a couple pounds of sweat everyday haha. I can´t believe those pictures of Carter, he´s a beast! Looks like he´s having a ton of success and enjoying it. He´s huge now, but how many pounds does he weigh? Love all the updates, I always enjoy hearing how things are going. Tell all the fams that I love them, the Christmas broadcast was always my favorite. They had it last night here in the Church but we didn´t go because it was to late for us.

We are going to call you guys on Christmas day, the 25th. President Carter wrote us about this. So I´m going to write this week, and the next week, but on the following week we don´t get email time. We only get time to call our families. So we need to plan this all right now. I'm thinking that I'm going to call you guys at 3 o´clock here, so 12 in Canada. From the house of President Peralta. If you could write me back and let me know if it´s all good I would greatly appreciate it!

Well we had transfers this week like I said. They call all the missionaries the night before and tell them what is going on. They called Tuesday night, and told Elder Valdes that he was going, and that I was staying. We went to the transfer meeting on Wednesday in a taxi, and yes they pay for our rides when we go during transfers. But if we have to go other days for personal things we take the bus and we pay for it, but it´s not expensive at all. 

So I´m still in Lujan and I have a new companion! His name is Elder Toledo haha, he´s from Chile and he´s sweet. We get along good. It´s still a little different without Elder Valdes, after being with someone for 3 months straight a change is weird. But I know me and Elder Toledo are going to be great friends as well. He has about 1 year in the mission. But for now I have to lead the area and all the lessons because he doesn´t know anyone, it is definitely a little more stressful, but I have felt the presence of the Lord more in my life, and I have depended on him more then ever. There really is so much to do, and sometimes it is overwhelming but I feel like things are going good. We have a lot of work to do right now, we don´t have a lot of really solid investigators after the Baptisms in November. But we have a couple that we are working hard to help and progress. I have learnt so much in this past 3 months in the field, but I sometimes feel like I know nothing. Missionary work is hard, but I am growing to love it more and more everyday.

We did service for one of our Investigators Rosalia the other day. We helped her build part of her roof, with the help of President Peralta. It´s always nice to be able to do a little bit of the other kind of service as well. Not only teaching, but serving the people in all that they need. It´s a good way to build a relationship and trust with them, showing that we really are here to help them with all the aspects of their life. I had a little accident during the service though. I was on the ladder helping President Peralta, and the ladder started to slip. I was only about 3 feet in the air so I decided to jump off. I went to land on this giant board, but the board was actually just covering this giant hole in the ground. So I went crashing through this board and fell about 3 feet into this giant hole! I wasn´t hurt at all, and we definitely had a good laugh about this haha. Good times.

We also had to sing yesterday in Church. Me, Elder Toledo, and the 2 hermanas that are in our branch. We sang "Because I have been given much I too must give" I don´t remember the title in English. It was definitely interesting but I think it went well. I can tell you that I don´t have the same confidence and voice I had during the Primary Presentations all those years ago haha. My singing has definitely got worse with time, but it happens right. I think I´d rather give a talk in Spanish than have to sing. 

The mission is great. Now I have more of an obligation to talk and teach everyday and I´m starting to love it more and more. It is helping me develop more of a testimony and a knowledge for the Savior and his life. I have learnt the more that we apply his teachings in our life, and especially the atonement, the more we desire to follow his example and use the Atonement in our lives. I love you guys so much, hope you have a fantastic week!! Love you all, look forward to seeing you all very soon! If you can write me back about the Skype ASAP that would be greatly appreciated!! 

Love love,
Mucho Amor, 
Elder Hansen.

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