Monday, December 16, 2013

It was Camilo´s birthday on Saturday! (Son of President Peralta) Turned 3 years old, so cute! We baked a cake for his birthday, he was so pumped haha.

President Peralta dressed up as Camilo´s favorite character, Sappo Pepe! Haha they have such a great family.

We had a great activity in the church the other night! Had a dance and a ton of food. I love the members of Lujan so much!

At the Zone Conference

Lunch at the Zone Conference
Hola Fam!! 

Thank you so much for the letters and the updates again this week. Sounds like a very eventful week up there in Canada! I always love to here how you guys are doing, always brings a smile to my face and peace to know that things are good as always. Sounds like there are lots of changes and things happening in Canada at this moment, that´s awesome. I just wanna say that Darin´s comment made me laugh so hard, haha that kid is awesome. I´m proud of him for serving such a great mission!

I heard that we don´t get our packages until our Pday as a mission, which is next Monday. They always keep the Christmas packages so the missionaries can stay focused on the work until Christmas time, which is smart. Next Monday we are going to the temple as a mission, then having lunch and doing a program. I'm in the Christmas choir for the program! haha Really going outside of my comfort zone and practicing my singing skills. I'm excited. It's going to be an awesome day. We also are going to the temple this Thursday with our branch and a few of our investigators! I'm super excited about that, it´s going to be a great day. I heard that Argentina has the new movie as well, so I´m excited to see it next Monday.

Thank you for the update on the Skype. I look forward to hearing and seeing you guys on the 25th! We only have 40 minutes to talk, so be ready haha It´s going to go by quick but I know that it will be great. A good moment to share as a family to share experiences, I love you all and am excited to hear from you! And just to remind you we don´t get computer time next Monday because we are going to the temple, so I won´t be sending you a letter. We get time to Skype on Christmas instead.

Things in Lujan are good with Elder Toledo! I never knew it could be so different trying to adjust from one companion to another! Not in a bad way at all, just in general. Every missionary does things different so it is taking a little bit of practice to get good flow in lessons, but Elder Toledo is a great missionary so things are good! He doesn´t speak any English at all haha, So I have spoken English once in the past 2 weeks. It´s definitely helping my Spanish a lot. It has gotten a lot better and now I can teach all the lessons with ease and talk with people we meet. Definitely makes things more enjoyable when you can understand and reply haha. Finally I don´t feel useless. And I´m eating as much as possible I promise! I don´t know how much I weigh these days but definitely a little bit less. But don´t worry I never feel like I´m starving. I needed to lose a little bit of my fat anyways!

This week a lot of good things happened. We went to the Birthday party of Camilo, which was so fun. We had a dance in the church as well.. and even though we can´t dance as missionaries we had a blast. The members here are awesome and always love to have a good time. The craziest thing was yesterday though. We have a machine in our pension that we have to turn on to have hot water in the shower. I went to turn it on like I do every single morning, and for some reason the flames exploded and now I have no hair on my one hand haha. and I lost a little bit of hair on my eyebrows and eyelashes as well. Like a science experiment gone wrong in the classroom hey dad! Haha me and the comp had a good laugh about it. But don't worry I´m good!

Right now we have some good investigators, but it has been a tough week. We have been trying hard to find people who have a firm desire to change and follow Christ. We have lots of people who like what they hear, but the principle of action is always a hard thing for people. We are still trying to find a good way to get the people we teach to attend Church. For them it´s hard, because it´s about a 20 minute walk, and lots of them don´t have money for a bus or taxi. It´s always a hard thing trying to get them to attend with all the things happening. We usually need to help them or pick them up with other Members. We have one lady L••••••• who has gone to church for the past 2 weeks and has a baptism date for the 28th. She has 3 kids as well, so we are working with them a lot right now to prepare them for this great day! She has a lot of faith in Christ, but she was baptized before in her life.. so right now we are just trying to show why she needs to be baptized in our church. In reality, before my mission I knew baptism was important just because it´s always something we do. But now I am really learning why it is so important. It really is the only way to achieve salvation and to open up a new life and opportunities. It´s something that we really focus on. Usually when we teach we focus on the blessings it brings, rather then the negatives. It always helps them see the possibilities and the blessing the Lord has for them, if they will only extend their hand and receive them.

This Wednesday is the baptism of Martin! He is one of the kids in the Alvarez Family! He turns 8 on Wednesday and he is going to be baptized the same day! I´m so excited. I have watched this family absolutely change so much, and now you can literally see with your eyes the blessings and the happiness they have because of this gospel. The mom is so excited for Wednesday and for his baptism, it´s going to be a great day and I´ll be sure to send you pictures of it in 2 weeks!

I love you guys so much. I want you to know that the sacrifices in life are small. Somedays I feel overwhelmed, but I simply have to remember what our Savior did for us. I truly believe our pains and hardships are only for a short time. It´s my prayer that we can overcome them and enjoy this life as a family, and that one day we will be able to live as a family forever! I know it´s possible and that it´s the greatest gift that God has for us! I love you all, can´t wait to see you all in a few days!

Mucho Amor!! 
Elder Hansen.

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