Monday, November 18, 2013

A big bag of cereal that a member family gave us!

This is a member family that gave us the 3.5 kg bag of cereal.

Mission Conference at which Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke. Notice me at the back!

"Elder Holland´s talk was absolutely amazing!"

At the mission conference.

Hola Familia! 

Thank you again for the awesome letters each week, I always am excited to hear what is going on back home! Sounds like a great week in Canada, that is so awesome you guys won Zones Carter! And congrats on the All star award, you are a Capo! Sounds like things are still as awesome as ever, lots of changes in the sports world. I hope things turn out well for the Canes. You guys are awesome and I´m proud to call you my family. The primary presentation sounds like it was awesome, always one of the best Sundays of the year! haha I can still remember when I sang so loud in the Stake Center that one year, oh how things have changed. Now you couldn´t pay me to sing in church haha. I´m sure all the kids did great.

I am sure I have lost some weight, I don´t starve but I definitely don´t eat as much as I did at home. With you feeding me all the time, and the restaurant like system we had at Val´s house in Kamloops. Now I just have to depend on my own cooking! Although its not great, it´s slowly getting better and I am learning. We haven´t really eaten anything too weird. Where I am right now we eat Milanesa, Pasta, Rice, Meat, and Empanada´s. That´s it. I've heard in other areas there are some different stuff which I'm kind of excited for! It´s been good though, I haven´t been sick yet so I hope that continues, I´m sure I´ll have at least one good experience with sickness on my mission. 

My Spanish is definitely improving, I can usually talk with most people but there are still so many words I don´t know. Definitely not fluent yet, but it´s getting better each day. It´s hard to learn by studying, I do look up lots of words and try to memorize them and the conjugations, but really I just learn by speaking all the time. Now Elder Valdes and I speak in Spanish all the time, with a couple exceptions. haha. My mind usually is fried by the end of the day. The chance of Elder Valdes and I being together again is rare, I think the next transfers are in 3 weeks. Then probably one of us will be going, he is definitely a great missionary and I´m going to try to learn all I can from him while I can! I definitely have learnt a lot, about the missionary life and the scriptures. It is still hard, there is so much to learn, but my desire to learn has increased a lot. 

I also looked for some hair clippers last week, they were about 250 pesos, so 50 dollars, I think I´m probably going to buy them next week, if you could write me back and tell me what you think that would be great! I tried my bank card last week too and it worked, so that is good.

This week in Lujan has been another great one! Definitely highlighted by listening to Elder Holland, but I´ll talk about that a bit later. We are getting closer to the big baptism we have planned for the 24th, definitely an important week for our investigators! 2 have had their baptism interviews and 3 more needs theirs. We have been praying a lot for them, if you could pray for F•••••••, A••••••, R••••••, P••••, and F•••••••• I would really appreciate it. I have learned a lot about the power of prayer on my mission, every prayer helps. Our investigators are great, I have really started to find a really love for them. As you spend so much time with them it is inevitable, you see the change in their lives starting to happen and the glow in their eye. It is something special that can only come through the joy in the Gospel of Christ. 

My soccer skills are definitely getting better as well! We play soccer every Wednesday night like I said before, and Elder Valdes has a ball. We play lots, I'm still horrible but I have hope that in 2 years I will be respectable. Soccer is definitely the key to a lot of peoples hearts here in Argentina.

Elder Holland´s talk was absolutely amazing! I have never felt such power and love in my life. I have heard Apostles and the Prophet speak before live, but this time being a missionary and being older, was so different. I really can´t describe the feeling that was in that church. He is such a powerful speaker and speaks with so much emotion. There are 2 things I really enjoy about his talk. The 1st is when he said to us "This is the closest you´ll ever get to real life." In reality this is like the next life, where we will be doing missionary and temple work for those who don´t have the chance. This is a great opportunity for me to learn and to grow and to help others. Because Salvation is real life, and other things are only temporary. The 2nd and the most powerful is when he was talking about why life and the mission is so hard. He said "Why is this so hard? It´s hard because it was hard for Him. Salvation always goes through Gethsemane, and we all have to go there." What a powerful line. The hardships in our life and nothing compared to the Saviors, but if we want to gain eternal life we have to be willing to suffer, we have to be willing to pass through our own Gethsemane.

I love this Gospel, and I know that it is true! This email isn´t really too long but there is a lot to do and I don´t have much time this week! I love you all. Have a fantastic week, good luck with all that you are doing! I pray for you everyday.

Les Amo, 
Elder Hansen!

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