Monday, November 25, 2013

In front of the cathedral in Lujan.

Alberto, Federico, and Fransico were all baptized!

With our branch members.

The whole District.

25 people got baptized today!

Hello Familia!! 

Thank you again for the letters and all the words of encouragement. I always find peace and a new determination after I read your letters. The mission really is bigger then just the work that I'm doing. It's about you guys and the whole town of Magrath as well, and of course most importantly the Lord. It's something that is done together, and I'm so grateful for the support that I have.

It sounds like things in Magrath are good, nice and chill right now, and of course freezing cold. When I tell people here that its normal for it to be minus 30 in winter they freak out, if it ever gets below 0 here people don't know what to do with themselves. But then they also laugh at me when I say 25 is hot for Canada, Im definitely going to die. Its so hot right now and its not even Summer yet. Its weird thinking Christmas is going to be hot and no snow, definitely a first for me. Im so happy for Carson and that his talk was able to go well. I remember how nervous I was too, I don't know why but something about the Farewell talk is so nerve racking. Im sure he did great, he is an awesome kid. Im lucky to have friends that are such great examples.

The milk here is pretty good actually, a little different but I like it. We do have a phone yes, but Elder Valdes has it because he is the Senor Companion. I don't even remember how to use a phone, especially text because we aren't allowed too haha. I bought a bucket my first week here and I wash my clothes in that, its definitely a lot of work but its not bad. My clothes probably aren't as clean as usual, but I'm a missionary what can ya do! I have a question, I don't know of any dry cleaning places around here, what is the best way to wash my suit pants? I'm such a rookie I know.

Many times we are able to relate the Book of Mormon to the people here in Argentina. The Introduction talks about how the Book was written here by Prophets in the Americas, and also talks about how Christ visited the Americas. Many people here worship the Bible, but they don't know that Christ visited the Americas. As we talk about, Why would Christ only visit one group of people? It is often a good way to spark interest in people as they learn about what went on right here where there ancestors lived. Its definitely a good tool.

This week in Lujan was absolutely amazing. The days and the weeks seem to get more rewarding. And its not just that we are having success, but just the feeling and the attitude of myself, and the mission is definitely increasing and become something special. There is a special attitude in missionary work these days and I'm happy to be apart of it. So we had the big baptism yesterday. There ended up being 25 people baptized after our district conference!! 25, it was so special. Before the Baptism we took pictures with all the people dressed in white, and it was such a special site. The spirit was so strong as so many people demonstrated there willingness to follow Christ. We then did the Baptisms by different groups. Alberto, Federico, and Fransico were all baptized yesterday! R•••••• and P•••• both had problems, we were sad about that but they just need a little more help is all. But for the other 3 it was such a great day. I was able to baptize Federico actually, he asked me. I was so extremely nervous the moment that I walked into the water. But after as he went under the water and came out clean, and gave me a big hug, I can tell you that the Spirit that was there was something you can't describe. Elder Valdes then baptized Alberto and Fransico. It really isn't important who does the ordinances, we always give them the choice of anyone in the branch, or us. We felt pretty honored that they put their trust in us, that we could share this special day with them.

Not only the success we had yesterday, but this month has taught me a lot. As a Zone we were able to baptize 28 people this month. Something very special. We spent a lot of time praying, and fasting for these people. There is a special scripture in Alma 6:6 that was the theme to our month. As we came together and fasted and prayed for these people that they may be able to find God, we saw miracles. 

God promises us so many blessings if we will only but demonstrate our love and our obedience, its my prayer that we will be able to take these blessings that he has waiting for us. I love you all. Have a great week and good luck in volleyball Carter!! Go Zeniths.

Love! Elder Hansen.

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